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    The Innotek Bark Collar And Its Uses


    A dog is man's best friend, but that doesn't mean that barking is pleasant. The Innotek Bark Collar can help stop barking at innaproppiate hours, like in the middle of the night.

    Innotek has a range of collars available and one of them will be ideal for your dog. If you have a small, medium or a large dog there is a collar to fit. There are two basic types of collars, and both of them come in every size. The most popular one is the one that has sound detectors on it and can sense the vibrations that your dog makes when it barks, and then delivers a small static shock.

    The Innotek bark collar has a built in patented system that allows you to tune the intensity of the shock that it delivers, so that it works at a level that your dog is comfortable with. The collar has seven levels of discharge and, when first used, will deliver the lowest level of shock and gradually increase until the barking stops. When the barking stops, the collar will detect the intensity at which it stopped and then set itself to it. Other Innotek bark collars give owners a wider range of levels to choose from.

    The use of the collar should be restricted to only around thirty minutes a day, and even so, only at time when barking is inconvenient, such as when people sleep, otherwise, not being allowed to bark can stress your dog.

    There is another type of Innotek bark collar that uses a spray that confuses the dog and makes it stop barking. The version that uses a static shock is sometimes objected by some people, even though it's completely harmless. This type of collar works in the same way that the shock collar does, except that it delivers a spray of citronella smell rather than a shock collar in order to confuse the dog and make it stop barking.

    Every Innotek bark collar comes with full instructions for use which ensure that you will be able to train your dog properly and effectively and enjoy his company all the more

    Summary: This is just a brief explanation of Innotek collars. The alternate types of collar available are discussed and their use. In general, no matter which type you get, you'll get results.

    The Innotek bark collar is one of the most effective ways to stop excessive barking. Some people think the shock version is not ethical. That is not true, but there is an Innotek bark collar that involves spraying instead.

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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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