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  •    Home » Articles » DogCollars » Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Dog Collar

    Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Dog Collar


    At Christmastime, many pet ‘parents’ certainly want to gift their pets with a nifty Christmas dog collar that, unnecessary as it may be, will still add sparkle to the pet and provide it with a sporting look. There is much to choose from and one can find different features with which to adorn one’s pet. The Christmas Swarovski crystal dog collar is a case in point. It features small green and red Christmas trees that have lovely yellow stars on top of them. The smallest size of such a Christmas dog collar would set one back $170.

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    News Flash  Oct, 18 2008

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    Vladimir Putinâs Dog Gets A Satellite Collar; Now Ruled Over By A ...

    The most powerful dog in Russia, perhaps the world has she could kick Barney’s presidential tail any day, now has her own 6 ounce GPS-like collar. Russia’s GLONASS satellites will provide... Read More


    Cynosure of All Eyes

    There is little doubt that a Christmas dog collar, when properly chosen, will help make the dog stand out and be the cynosure of all eyes. Such collars are also simple to make and require no more than sewing unique, artist-designed ribbon that are customized exclusively for such collars onto high tensile nylon webbing. They can also have polished brass buckles and a matching lead to complete the ensemble.

    The variety that is present in different Christmas dog collars can really set one’s imagination alight and one can choose from amongst Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus, Christmas sheep dog, Snoopy Christmas, holiday stripe Christmas, snowflakes in red and blue, and many more different Christmas dog collars styles and colors.

    The Christmas dog collar will add flair and style while at the same time is practical. A matched collar and leash would certainly prove to be eye catching. With many and seemingly endless patterns, colors, fabrics, as well as textures, gems, and studs to choose from, there is no reason and certainly no excuse for not giving one’s pet a Christmas present that will make its day that much more cheerier.

    There are also many sources for obtaining Christmas dog collars and most stores will offer a big selection that need not cost the earth, and will yet be of good quality as well as fashionable. Using the best fabrics that are sewn over the webbing will certainly brighten the life of one’s dog, and with matching leashes; harnesses offer scope to develop on particular Christmas themes.

    The designs used include retro trees, peace on earth, ho-ho-ho in red and green, Star of David, green lights as well as Santas. The Christmas dog collar can provide practical usage, fanciful ideas or different forms, and one can choose from a full line of Christmas dog collars for all prices and colors as well as fabrics. In addition, it will prove to be effective in keeping the pet warm, while it looks stunning.


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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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