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    The Way Pet Containment Systems Work


    For those dog owners and lovers that are looking for an easy solution to keep their pet within a certain area. technology is now providing innovative and practical solutions for this with pet containment systems.

    Types of Dog Containment Systems

    These can be either electronic wired or wireless.

    The wired one requires a collar that has to be worn by the dog and a small transmitter. A wire buried underground will mark the place where the invisible fence will be placed. While the collar is worn on the dog's neck, the transmitter can be located anywhere near the wiring and a loop is formed with the help of the wire that is usually placed underground. With the help of a small rechargeable battery, the containment system will emit a sound when the dog tries to approach the fence. If the dog tries to cross the invisible fence, even after being warned, then a mild and harmless static electric shock will be administered through the collar.

    The wireless system is similar, but it requires none of the annoying wiring. Every single dog containment system comes with a training DVD that will let you understand how the system works and how to use it to train your dog.

    Advantages of Getting A Pet Containment System

    Being confined to the boundaries set/customized by you, your dog is protected from trespassers and vehicles plying on the road. Spending fortunes on fines and the episodes of escapades and intent searches are no longer a necessity with pet containment systems in place at your home. These fences are also more effective and affordable than electric fences.

    Training and installation takes no time. These pet containment systems are very versatile too, since you can make them adopt almost any size or form that you want, and you don't need to restrict to certain standards. No more need for trenches and pits.

    There isn't a limit on the number of dogs that you can confine within a single pet containment system. With the aid of pet containment systems, you dog remains secure and is taken care of even during your absence.

    There are several pet containment systems for those who want to keep their dog confined to a certain area. They are very versatile and can adopt almost any form and size. In addition, a dog containment system can be used for as many dogs as you want.

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