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    Features Of The SDF-100


    If your dog is very temperamental, then you need the SDF-100 to protect it and your guests. Irrespective of whether the pet is stubborn or irresolute, the Sportdog SDF-100 can free the pet owners from the hassle of pet containment with ease.

    Principle of Operation

    The transmitter units emits radio waves, which extend to the end of the boundaries decided by the installer. Then, the dog has to be trained to get accostumed to the safe zone with the help of the training flags included in the set, so that it can have a visual aid of the location of the boundaries. If the dog apporaches the invisible fence, then its collar will emit a warning sound indicating that the animal is too close to it. When the pet tries to cross the boundary limit, progressive static electric pulses are offered which in turn educate him to be contained within the preset area in the long run.

    The system provides a collar that is resistant to water and can be worn in any type of weather: it works with a 9 volt battery that has to be replaced about every 9 months. The informative DVD that comes with every Sportdog's SDF-100 is very helpful in getting the pets trained easily.

    Other Features

    One of the best features of the Sportdog's in ground fence is the anti-linger mechanism that it includes and that prevents your pet from wandering off and going away even after the batteries have run out of power. Also, the level of punishment administered to the dog can be selected from a range of intensities, so you can administer it according to how temperamental your dog is. Other features that are worth mentioning are the indicator of battery level and the collar that can be adjusted to almost any size of dog's neck.

    The collar receiver of SDF-100 is designed to suit dogs that are over 4,5 kilograms. It's not recommended for small breeds. The SDF-100 unit comes with a 1000 feet boundary wire and 100 training flags which can be further extended to a maximum of 100 acres of boundary area using extra wires and training flags. In addition, you can buy additional collars if you have more than one dog.

    The SDF-100 is the perfect solution for owners of dogs that are too temperamental. The system gives correction to dogs in doses that match the animal's temperament. You can also expand the Sportdog's SDF-100 if you want, by purchasing additional wire.

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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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