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    What A Wireless Pet Containment Fence Does


    Wireless pet containment fences are an innovative solution for desperate pet owners who are trying to find a product to contain their pets within predetermined area. They have some advantages over traditional fences, for example, your dog can't jump over them or dig a hole to go under it, which sometimes resulted in a stuck or injured dog.

    A wireless pet containment fence comes with a transmitter that emits radio signals at 17,5 KHz. Other items included are a comfortable collar, traning flags for boundary identification and a manual with instructions on how to train your dog. The transmitter is plugged into a normal house current outled and it will emit the radio signals that the receiver in the collar will detect. Using the radio signals, the collar can detect when the dog comes close to the fence, in which case it will emit a warning sound. In spite of this, if the dog steps out of the boundary, a harmless static electric shock is offered to the pet thereby distracting and containing the dog in the fenced area.

    The installation of a wireless pet containment fence is simple. Just follow the instructions given on the instruction manual or the DVD that comes with the set. These fences now come in different designs and models so it's important that the owners make the right choice before making a purchase.

    Tips for Selecting a Wireless Pet Containment Fence

    The collar that comes with the system should be comfortable to wear and able to resist bad weather and rought treatment. The radius of operation should match and cover completely the area where you want your dog to be contained. Installation of an additional transmitter can pacify the requirement of big areas.

    In addition to teaching you how to install the wireless pet containment fence, the booklet and DVD also give you several tips on how to train your dog so it slowly gets used to the fence. Because of this, never buy a product without instructions.

    A wireless pet containment fence can help you keep your dog in your property without the use of a leash. They come with a DVD and booklet with instructions. Reading and/or watching the instructions is essential to getting good results with your wireless pet containment fence.

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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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