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  •    Home » Articles » DogFood » How To Avoid Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier Tainted Dog Food

    How To Avoid Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier Tainted Dog Food


    The primary ingredients in your pet’s food does not have to be bad for it to cause tainted dog food. All it takes is one ingredient to be less that acceptable for an entire production run of tainted dog food to be shipped to outlets worldwide. Since pet food manufacturers do not make each ingredient in their product, any one of the separate components can be tainted and will affect the entire product.

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    It is sometimes difficult to find the source of tainted dog food as evidenced by the recent outbreak of deaths and illnesses caused by tainted pet food. If any one of the ingredients, including the main source of meat, is tainted, it will have detrimental effect on the entire batch. For example, if something enters the food supply of one of the meats that may not be a problem for that animal, it cause tainted dog food if the additive is fatal to canines.

    Apple seeds for instance, can cause cyanide poisoning in dogs, but is not harmful to chickens, If a chicken has eaten apple seeds and ends up in the dog food, the cyanide may still be present causing illness and possibly death to the dogs. In the most recent incidence of tainted dog food, wheat gluten was thought to have been tainted, causing the problems with tons of pet food. Many organic pet foods do not use wheat in any form in their products, due to the adverse reaction to the protein expected in many animals. However, some companies do use it as a protein source.

    Protect Your Pet From Contamination

    When a large, reputable supplier is a recipient of bad food ingredients it may be difficult to protect your pet from the effects of tainted dog food. However, checking the ingredients of all pet foods can help in the fight against that possibility. Making sure the ingredients supply the protein and grains needed for health of the pet can reduce the chance of your animal from being the victim of tainted dog food.

    Many pet foods use preservatives along with artificial colors and flavorings to enhance the appearance and taste of their foods. Pet foods made with quality ingredients will not need these additives to convince your dog to eat the product and many should simply be avoided. While many less expensive brands of pet food are perfectly safe, made under the same strict guidelines to avoid the potential of tainted dog food, some of the lesser-known brands may contain products that are not healthy for the animal.


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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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