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  •    Home » Articles » DogKennels » Dog Kennel for a German Shepherd?

    Dog Kennel for a German Shepherd?


    It is extremely hard to leave your pet behind when you leave your home for vacations. A German Shepherd is a big dog, but besides that, it is also an intelligent and sentimental dog. These dogs need their space, they need constant interaction, and they need the comforts that they are used to. Hence, finding a dog kennel for a German Shepherd is usually a difficult task.

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    What You Need to Know When You Look for a Dog Kennel for a German Shepherd

    There are a few basics that you need to find out before you decided on which kennel would suit your dog best. The following checklist would be an indicative one:

    * Space it is important that a dog kennel for a German Shepherd have adequate space both indoors and outdoors. This dog needs space for living as others need air. The dog needs to be exercised daily and an outdoor space that is both safe and clean will also be important.

    * Cleanliness your pet would definitely come from a clean and pest-free environment. Most German Shepherds live with the families inside their houses. Very few live in kennels specially constructed for them. Whichever way you look, the animals would need to have a clean environment that is pest free. (Nonetheless, you should equip your dog with an anti-flea collar when you leave it in the kennel, lest it will catch these pests from the others dogs.)

    * Staff check whether the kennel has sufficient staff to take care of the dogs it houses. If the kennel is understaffed, then the dogs might not receive the care that the need whether it is food, walking, or exercising.

    * Kitchen checkout to see how the food is prepared for the dog. If you use standard formula this will not really bother you, but the kitchen will always give you a good idea of the general hygiene of the place.

    * Ventilation does the kennel have proper ventilation? This is extremely important because a lack of ventilation can promote a number of diseases for the pet.

    * Frills this is of course, a plus point. There are some kennels that provide animals with special facilities such as bath, grooming, silk/plush bedding, chewables, walks twice weekly, music, playtime, special treats, etc.

    The above list is an indicative list and by no means exhaustive of all the points to be checked or looked into before you decide on what is the best dog kennel for a German Shepherd. Overall you should only keep in mind that the dog kennel for a German Shepherd has a few special needs above the normal kennels but these needs are crucial to the comfort of your dog.


    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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