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    Dog Kennel Supplies And Your Yorkshire Terrier


    The most difficult time for any dog lover is when they have to leave the house for a long period of time. Whether this is for an office tour or a vacation, it is always traumatic to leave the dog behind. The best choice is to have someone live in your house to care for your dog, but not many can afford to adopt this option. The other option is to leave the dog in a kennel.

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    What Type of Dog Kennel Supplies You Will Need to Leave

    First of all, you will have to choose a kennel that is most suitable to your dog. If your dog loves frills and needs constant attention, then a regular kennel will not be suitable. The regular kennels will provide the necessities but no luxuries. This is ideal if you are gone from 2-7 days, as the kennel will feed, exercise, and offer a nice place for your dog to sleep. However, if you are planning a trip for more than seven days, then it will be good if you can ensure that your pet gets the right type of attention in your absence.

    Check Out the Kennel Well Before You Decide Where You Will Leave Your Dog

    There are few pre-requisites for a kennel to pass the test; the following are some points that could be checked out:

    * It should have sufficient space for exercising the dog outdoors, as well as have sufficient indoor space so the dog does not feel claustrophobic.

    * The place is clean and smells good – not dirty; particularly check the beddings provided.

    * It is well ventilated.

    * The kennels are spacious and have adequate light provision.

    When you leave your dog, in order to make the transition the least painful, you will need to provide the following dog kennel supplies:

    * A small favorite toy for chewing or keeping close.

    * Preferably a small clothing piece which has your smell.

    * The dog’s dish bowl.

    * If they have a favorite brand, stock it among the dog kennel supplies.

    * The dog’s leash so it will feel comfortable.

    Besides, all the above dog kennel supplies you will need to provide the kennel with your telephone number, the telephone number of your veterinarian, and any tonics or vitamins that the dog is supposed to take along with the meals.

    Lastly, do not forget to give in writing the method and type of diet your dog follows. The best dog kennel supplies will be useless if the instructions of how to use them are not included.


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