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    Interested in Zoological Medicine?


    If you ever dreamed of actually holding a tiger by the tail, zoological medicine might just be the field of veterinary studies and information that you would enjoy studying. Zoological medicine is a fascinating specialty focus in the veterinary world that encompasses the study and application of wildlife healthcare for zoo and wild animals in public zoos and wildlife preserves worldwide. As we grow in human population, our actions are forcing a decline in the natural resources and animal life on this planet. The veterinary information gathered by the zoological veterinary specialist is intended to prevent any more animals disappearing from our planet.

    News Flash  Feb, 11 2009

    Inuit Sled Dog Controversy Brings Troubled Past To Light ...

    A commission is investigating charges that Canada's federal police killed thousands of dogs in the 1950s and '60s. Read More


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    Churchill's 'black Dog' Would Have Kept Him Out Of Number 10 - Scotsman

    Churchill's 'black dog' would have kept him out of Number 10Scotsman, United Kingdom - 7 hours agoBy SHÂN ROSS WINSTON Churchill may never have made it to the top if he had... Read More


    News Flash  Feb, 11 2009

    K9 Magazineâs: Powerbrokers Of The Dog World - Dog Magazine Dot Net

    K9 Magazine’s: Powerbrokers of the Dog WorldDog Magazine dot net, UK - Jan 20, 2009Two independent reports in to the state of dog health are underway - one by the KC in partnership with... Read More


    News Flash  Feb, 11 2009

    Choosing A Dog Trainer

    This is often quite a difficult decision to make. If you have a dog that is currently... Read More


    With the decline of wildlife habitats, the number of animals on the endangered species list continues to rise. As the number of endangered animals increases so does the level of public awareness. The awareness of the general public is increasing and as a direct result, there has been a great increase in worldwide conservation efforts. Zoological medicine is on the incline for specialty studies in the veterinary field. Veterinary information is fundamental to the education of the public in the urgent needs to safe guard our wildlife.

    Zoological medicine focuses on many aspects of the wildlife field of study. Included in this specialty field is the study of free-range wildlife, captive zoo animals and those animals living on private or federally owned wildlife preserves. The study of zoological veterinary information provides many different benefits to the society in which we are now living. This field of veterinary study gathers information on the wildlife conservation needs, ecology and how it affects the natural resources

    The World Recognizes The Importance of Zoological Medicine

    The American College of Zoological Medicine (ACZM) provides the basis for the requirements of successfully becoming a zoological specialist in veterinary studies. This specialty field of veterinary information and studies was officially recognized in 1983. They establish and regulate the criteria necessary to successfully complete the board certification required to practice zoological veterinary services. In completing the zoological program, it requires extensive research in veterinary information and studies.

    If you successfully complete their program requirements, you earn the dignified title of “diplomats” with this title you can become a zoo veterinarian, zoo manager, wildlife veterinarian and wildlife conservation agent, teacher or research official. This title is competitive to earn and successfully completing the task is an honor to be proud of completing.


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