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  • Teacup Yorkshire Terriers

    Many breeds of dogs today come in a range of sizes. To help prospective dog owners determine what size dog they are looking for, breeders will classify their litters in various ways. Dogs that are expected to grow to average size for their breed are generally referred to by their breed name only. Slightly smaller dogs are often referred to as a "toy" variety and even smaller animals are categorized as "teacup" dogs. This is the case with the teacup Yorkshire terriers, which are Yorkies that maintain a very small size even when fully grown. This article will cover the basics of teacup Yorkshire terriers, including the question of whether these animals make good pets and how to go about choosing the best dog for your family.




    The average Yorkshire terrier will generally reach a weight of five to seven pounds when fully grown and stand six to seven inches high. Because the average weight and height of the dog is relatively small, this breed is placed into the toy category by the American Kennel Club. However, some Yorkie owners want a dog that is even smaller. A Yorkie that weighs in at less than five pounds when fully grown is considered to be a teacup Yorkie by many breeders today. Teacup Yorkshire terriers can be bred intentionally for owners looking specifically for a smaller size dog.


    Teacup Yorkshire terriers usually weigh between three and five pounds when fully grown. The tiny size of these pets makes for some interesting challenges when caring for them. The frailty of teacup Yorkshire terriers means they can be easily hurt if they are stepped on or sat on. They can also get injured by jumping out of their owners arms or off the living room sofa. These little dogs need plenty of supervision and care to ensure they do not get hurt. By the same token, these feisty little pets don't recognize their small size and enjoy a daily walk or romp in the backyard. A careful combination will ensure these pets get both the exercise and care they need.




    Smaller dogs can be prone to more health issues, which is why it is important to find a responsible breeder when shopping for teacup Yorkshire terriers. Some less scrupulous breeders might try to sell the runts of their litters as "teacups". However, these smaller dogs are often less healthy than the rest of the litter, and should not be sold as a premium Yorkie. Instead, look for breeders that specialize in these smaller animals, and breed them responsibly. This will ensure that the teacup Yorkshire terriers you look at will be healthy. It is also important to get these tiny creatures to the vet as soon as possible if they become ill, since their small size can make any illness more serious.




    Teacup Yorkshire terriers may be small in size, but they are big in personality. These energetic pups are bold and active, but they can also be quite affectionate with their owners. Most require plenty of time with their families and do not do particularly well if left on their own too often. Some will become bored and destructive if they don't get enough attention. This is not the best breed for families that are gone all day long.


    The dogs also do not do particularly well with small children, who cannot be gentle enough to avoid injuring the animal. Children also tend to move fast and talk loud, which can make teacup Yorkshire terriers quite nervous and even prone to snapping. There is a misconception that all teacup Yorkshire terriers are nervous, high strung creatures. However, purchasing your Yorkie from a responsible breeder will help to ensure that your dog does not have these negative characteristics as a rule.




    Prospective owners of teacup Yorkshire terriers need to be prepared for the fact that these little dogs are not the easiest to housebreak. Most experts recommend that Yorkie owners practice quite a bit of crate training to teach these pups good potty habits. It is also important to establish yourself as the leader of your dog's pack from day one. Otherwise, you might be shocked to find that your four-pound dog is running your household in no time!


    Teacup Yorkshire terriers are precious little beasts that can bring plenty of delight to their families. If you are looking for a teacup yorkie for sale, make sure you select your pet from a responsible breeder to ensure your new dog is happy and healthy.

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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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