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  • Yorkshire Terrier

    The Yorkshire Terrier, or more commonly known as the ‘Yorkie’ is one of the most popular toy breeds of dogs in the world, but why? This Web site will endeavor to explain everything there is to know about the Yorkshire Terrier so that you will come to understand why so many people have chosen this breed above the rest. Whether you bought your Yorkie from a breeder or from a Yorkshire terrier Rescue or adoption centre, keep in mind that there are a few types of Yorkshire terrier to consider.

    The Appearance Of The Yorkshire Terrier

    The Yorkie is a small compact dog that usually weighs anywhere from 5 to 7lbs. They tend to hold themselves very upright with a very proud posture most of the time, which gives them an impressive stature. They have an extremely long coat that is colored silver on the most part of their bodies and a tanned color on their neck, head and legs region. Their amazing coat is what sets a Yorkshire Terrier apart from any of the other terrier breeds of dogs, although however impressive it may look, it can also be a hindrance especially for owners, who may find it difficult to maintain and keep free of knots and dirt.

    The Temperament Of The Yorkshire Terrier

    So we know how Yorkies look, but what about their personalities? Well like any breed of Terrier, they can be a little aggressive at times and often antisocial when it comes to conversing with other dogs. Although personalities differ from dog to dog, most Yorkshire Terrier puppies will tend to have some form of aggression in their nature. In fact it’s not strange to see a Yorkie attack a dog that’s much larger than itself!

    There are of course ways to lower the aggression level in your Yorkshire Terrier and one of these ways is to interact it with other dogs from an early age. This will give it an opportunity to grow and be shaped by its environment instead of allowing the dogs genetics to take over. More than likely the most aggressive Yorkshire Terriers are the ones that have been kept isolated from contact with any other dogs for most of its life. So take the time to invest in training your Yorkshire terrier


    One of the health concerns that Yorkies face is that they tend to develop cataracts in their old age. This is a common thing that many dog breeds face and it’s not limited to Yorkshire Terriers. They are also prone to most of the disorders that Terriers face including liver shunt, which is a condition where the blood bypasses the liver and hypoglycemia mostly in puppies, which tends to make the pups limp and unenergetic. Any good Yorkshire Terrier Breeder will be able to give more detail about this.

    Although there are some health concerns related to Yorkshire Terriers, there are also benefits and one being that due to their light weight frames, they are less susceptible to arthritis, which is common in many other breeds of dogs. Needles to say, good Yorkshire Terrier care is vital.


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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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