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  • Yorkshire Terrier Book Review


    Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Yorkshire Terrier

    Editors Rating: (5 Stars out of 5 stars)


    I found the Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Yorkshire Terrier to be very informative, and I think you will too! If you own a Yorkie or you are considering getting one, then don’t miss out on the important information featured in this eBook. If you are like me, then you will have already come across a number of books that pretend to be “All About the Yorkshire
    Terrier”, but what you get is just a generic book about dogs, yet labeled to be about the Yorkie.

    So I am always skeptical about these sorts of eBooks on the Internet.

    This eBook, however is one which I am happy to recommend to Yorkshire Terrier lovers. It was written by an expert Yorkshire Terrier owner and breeder. There’s no hype or fluff, just the important facts that you’ll need to learn to ensure you’re doing the very best you can for your dog.  

    Too many owners presume that they need to take care of their Yorkshire Terrier the same way as any other breed of dog. However, this is a common misconception that can lead to medical and health concerns for your Yorkie. That’s why I have taken the time to introduce you to this eBook.


    The greatest benefit to having a copy of this eBook, is the peace of mind you’ll get by knowing you are caring for your Yorkie the right way.

    Table Of Contents:

    Click to see larger Image

    This e-book offers great advice for caring for the Health and well being of your Yorkshire Terrier, as well as how to properly train her. One of the key training techniques covered is about potty training strategies that you can use.

    I was amazed at how stress free the process was as well as how quickly it worked. The eBook actually did make it all very simple and easy to follow. 


    If you are in the process of looking for a new puppy, then make sure you don’t get scammed when you go to buy a Yorkshire Terrier. Make sure you know the right questions to ask the seller. This book will provide it all for you.

    Also, did you know that the first four months of the puppy’s life are vital to their health and behavior? If not, then you’ll need the information in this book to ensure you offer only the best. The section on how to choose the right Yorkshire Terrier for you is very beneficial.  

    For those of you who already own a Yorkshire Terrier, this book will provide valuable information for training, caring, and breeding. Knowing how to cover these areas with your Yorkie will potentially save you thousands of dollars in bills. You will also get detailed advice about the right diet and exercise for your Yorkie. This alone will play an important role in the life he leads.

    Many owners have lots of questions, and you will find all the answers in this e-book.


    The product is a steal at only $27.77, which is only a fraction of what it is actually worth. You will be able to download the materials instantly after making your purchase. Make sure you order quickly as the price will soon by raised to $47.77. The book comes with an eight week money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


    The price gets even better once you consider the 6 bonus items you get as well.

    1. Potty Training Made Fast and Easy
    2. Managing The Barking Dog
    3. Controlling Biting, Nipping and Jumping up
    4. Dog Training Secrets Revealed - Audio
    5. Choosing a Doggie Name
    6. All About Pet Insurance

     To get more information, and / or to order this eBook here is the website you need to visit: Yorkshire Terrier Book

     Here are a what a few owners of this eBook had to say about it:

    Hello Sharda,

    Your book has helped our whole family with our little Yorkies.

    We now have two Yorkshire Terriers, Little Bear  who is 10 months old and Honey Bear who is almost 6 months.

    Your excellent package  has taught us so much we never knew.

    Reading your books has saved us a whole lot of money.

    I have even learnt how to groom them both properly.

    Training them was somewhat tough until I got to reading more on the breed that you provide in your package ebook and audio .

    I have attached a pic taken a little back of the whole family; My husband, the boys, Little Bear and our little girl Honey, of course I am there as well.

    Thanks again,

    Penny Mitchell

    Fredericksburg Virginia. USA.

    Dear Sharda

    Thank you so much for your E Book entitled:

    "Insiders  Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Yorkie"! 

    We have learned so  much about the newest member to our family especially since we never  owned a teacup Yorkshire Terrier before.

    Your E Book really came in  handy and I'm so glad that Joe and I found you on the web.

    "Dolce" is a  now well behaved and sweet girl.

     We have enclosed a some photos for  you to see our little doll.

     Thanks again,

    Betty and Joe Vilella. 

    San Diego, California

    Dear Sharda,

    I  have been meaning to e-mail you about how your ebook  has improved my life with my dog immensely!! I have to give you my sincerest thanks for your E-book especially the freebie about being the Leader of your Dog's Pack.

    That helped me like nothing else I have read about Yorkies and trust me I have read plenty! The little tricks like walking out the door first and other tricks to show you are the dominant one have worked like someone put a spell over my dog and now he is the perfect dog!

    I just read it and said okay I will try it and it probably won't work like everything else I have tried and to my astounding disbelief he started heeling and listening when I asked him to come.

    Unbelievable ... I could not belief my eyes. And not only am I happier with my dog but dog Dinero is happier then ever!

    Thanks again

    Tara   Heffernon        

    Middletown , CT


    Hello Sharda,

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation for your Yorkie ebook and all the free bonuses you so kindly sent me. 

    I would have had this invaluable information early on in my Yorkie's life because so many problems and situations could have been avoided." 

    But thanks to you I will be ready with new knowledge and information when I get my next Yorkie puppy.

    My little guy Buddy will be 12 yrs old in February and I am so blessed to still have him in my life.  He is and has been my sunshine especially since my husband died in several years ago.

     I hope I might be of some help in making others aware of your  extremely helpful ebook and audio package and the knowledge you have to share.  Thank you again for all your help.

    Attached is a recent photo of Buddy and myself.  I call it my "memory photo."


     Connie Wallace
     Tulsa, Oklahoma. USA


    Dear Sharda,

    The e-book package is great and so helpful!

    Snickers is doing so well and has learned so fast after following your tips.

    Even now when I have a question or concern about him I can look at my e-book or listen to one of the audios and find what I need to know.

    The e-book always has my answers and even tells me if I should be worried about something or just to be on the safe side get him checked out with a vet.

    I love my e-book and I’m so glad I have it.

    Thanks Sharda.

    P.s. Here is a picture of Snickers the first time he went to the snow.

    Jeanette Garcia

    Preferred Location withheld

    You can read more comments about this product on their website:

    For more Information, visit Yorkshire Terrier Book


    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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