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  • Health Concerns Facing The Yorkshire Terrier

    The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed dog from the small category, which measures approximately seven to ten inches and weights seven pounds when mature. The Yorkshire Terrier health problems are various and the only way you will be able to be of help in time of your pet dog is to learn and recognize them in order to approach a veterinary as soon as the symptoms appear and it turns fatal.

    Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

    Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs to Yorkshire Terriers puppies of 4-5 month old and sometimes even older due to stress and poor nutrition, which can easily happen. The Yorkshire Terriers can easily get stressed when moving places such as when you first acquire it and it is new to the environment, people and atmosphere; over handling, which usually occurs when they are just brought to a new home, lack of sleep and poor nutrition, which also happens sometimes when they move placed as they are faced with new types of food that they may not like instantly.

    The symptoms of the Yorkshire Terrier health problem, hypoglycemia in your puppy will manifest through a lifeless pup, shivering with chills as well as blue, gray gums and tongue are strong indications that your puppy needs immediate help. Contact the vet immediately as the signs occur as every minute counts; if left untreated your puppy can get into a coma, which will result in death.

    Another condition that occurs in small category dogs such as Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terrier is collapsed trachea. The reason is believed to be genetic, even though the exact explanation as to why it occurs only in these breeds it is known.

    Collapsed trachea occurs because of rapid inhalation, excitement or tight leash, which is believed to cause the cartilage rings to flatten and thus stop the airflow to the lungs. The common sign of collapsed trachea is chronic cough, which may get worse very quickly. If you recognize the symptoms contact the vet right away.

    Other Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

    Because the Yorkshire Terrier will often maintain his or her puppy teeth, they may often be faced with indigestion if large pieces of food have been swallowed because they could not chew. You can always help by ensuring that your pet is always provided with small pieces of food especially the type that is hard to chew but not too small so he or she does not get a chance to chew at all.

    Yorkshire Terriers are lively by nature and you will easily be able to distinguish when your pet is ill or having some pain, as he or she will automatically be less active. It is important you contact the vet if you have any doubts because any hesitation can be fatal. Yorkies are very small and any diseases will take very little time to take over and affect their entire body and mind.

    Yorkshire Terrier care also includes proper cleaning or teeth, eyes, feet and the rectum area; all these places are prone to attracting dirt and with it diseases. Regular check ups with the veterinarian will keep you informed of your Yorkshire Terrier health problems issues. The veterinarian plays an important role in your and your dog’s health and long life span. Just make sure you are smart when deciding how to choose a vet for your Yorkshire Terrier.

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    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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