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  • Top Ten Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Mistakes

    Adopting a dog from the shelter is a very noble deed however, in the process donít get yourself in more trouble than you can afford. Here are the top ten Yorkshire Terrier rescue mistakes done because of negligence.

    The Yorkshire Terrier Adoption Mistakes

    The first mistake that probably we all make is to get carried away by the way the dog looks and not pay any attention to the details or worse not ask any questions about the dog health and medical conditions.

    The second mistake you can make at the Yorkshire Terrier adoption center is to believe everything that you are told; ask for papers for the dog and also if possible a recent medical check up; Yorkshire Terriers are very fragile and therefore will get sick extremely easy especially in changing environments where they feel insecure and desolated.

    The third mistake you can commit while acquiring a dog at the adoption center is to accept a dog without papers or any medical history; some dogs are there because they have a terminal illness and if you get one of them you may try to rescue it by spending a lot of money only to get terrible disappointed in the end when it will pass away leaving you heart broken.

    The forth mistake you can make by buying at the Yorkshire Terrier rescue center is that you may get a god with genetic disorders that cannot be seen or detected at the first appearance and it may not even be mentioned in any of his or her medical records. The mistake will be realized later when you may want to breed your doc and check it for any gene disorders.

    The fifth mistake you can make by rescuing a Yorkshire Terrier from the rescue center is that you may not observe may mental disorders at the time of purchase, which may be a hereditary gene, and it will manifest itself later being with you for years.

    The sixth mistake you can commit by choosing from the Yorkshire Terrier adoption center is that not knowing the dogís medical history you may be able to breed him or her as today most breeders will demand the full medical records of the dog and the parents before breeding.

    The seventh mistake most of us make when faced with a situation such as rescuing a sad dog from the rescue center is that we tend to close our eyes at most abnormalities such as papers not being in order or the dog looking stressed and ill and that will hurt us in the long run as the dig can turn out to have multiple problems, which will not only cost you money but also a lot of emotional suffering.

    The eighth mistake we make is to get an older dog because they look sad and lost, which of course is noble but that will bring you a lot of grief in a short period of time when you will have to deal with medical bills and the loss of the dog.

    The ninth mistake we tend to make while at the Yorkshire Terrier rescue shelter is get more than one dog as we initially planned and we do this because we see the Yorikes small and helpless all sad and cuddled up looking for love and care; however, this too will turn to hurt you financially later as well as the dogs may not get along very well and that can become a real problem.

    The tenth mistake we commit while at the Yorkshire Terrier adoption center is tend to pay too much for the dog because we feel sorry for the dog and want to rescue it at any cost.

    While the act is noble and worthy of praise, donít make your life miserable by rescuing a dog that will later be miserable if you are so; think carefully before you adopt a dog if you can afford the financial and emotional challenge. Also, make sure you know what to expect from a Yorkshire Terrier rescue dog, because, as they say, knowing is half the battle.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Yorkshire Terrier, get a copy of this Yorkshire Terrier Guide NOW!

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

    Yorkshire Terrier Picture

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