Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier also known as Yorkie is a toy dog breed and that is because it is in the category of small dogs generally weighing approximately 5 to 7 pounds. They are perfect for those of us that live in apartments with limited space for pets.

The History Of Yorkshire Terrier

It is a fairly new breed of approximately 100 years old, with no precise history to back it. Many believe that it is a combination between the Scottish and English Terriers, which may have occurred during the Industrial Revolution. The Walsh Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Waterside Terrier, Paisley Terrier and the Clydesdale Terrier are believed to be the ancestors of the Yorkshire Terrier of today but there are no records to prove it.

The ‘Broken Hair Scotch Terrier’, which is known as the original Yorkshire Terrier was created with the intent to help in hunting purposes and/or catch the rats that at that time were infesting the vicinity. It was not until 1870 that the Yorkshire Terrier acquires its present name, which was inspired after the country of Yorkshire from England that is its place of origin.

Is An Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Right For You

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are small and very delicate and therefore they require a great deal of care and attention. This breed is best for those who have limited space and enjoys relaxing with his or her pet on the lap most times as the Yorkshire definitely enjoys petting and a lot of attention. However, you must keep in mind that the Yorkie is a very active breed (they were created for hunting) and thus will demand a lot of walking and daily activity so, don’t get fooled by its small size and presume you will not need to take him or her out on walks.

Yorkshire Terriers are lap dogs; they can easily fit in a large purse, which is the usual way ladies carry them around. Yorkshire Terrier puppies may require special feeding treatment until they are big enough to eat by themselves such as feeding bottles that are used for infants.

Where To Look For Purchasing A Yorkshire Terrier Pup

The best place to search for a Yorkshire Terrier Pup is online as there are many web sites dedicated to selling and breeding it and thus you can find many different choices from where you can have your pick.

The best age to acquire a Yorkshire Terrier pup is between six weeks to two months when they start to walk around with ease, eat solid food and usually would have had their first shots already.

The other great place to find a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy is in the local newspaper where because it is local it is easier to reach rather than have it mailed to you. You can also try a local pet store where generally most of us go when looking for a pet and probably the most safe place to buy as well because they are professional and will provide you with all the details required such as the pup breed history, present state of health and other habits.

Some Cool And Some Famous Name Suggestions For Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

One of the most famous Yorkshire Terrier is Toto, from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, which is a Boston Terrier and who all of us got acquainted with as kids, Nick, who was the former model for the Dogboy, Mignon from the television series ‘Green Acres’ and Smoky from the ‘World War II Hero’.

Yorkshire Terriers are the best choice for those of us who love small pets but also have the time to dedicate to taking care of him or her from the time it is a puppy. Yorkshire Terrier puppy care is intensive and requires time, love and knowledge in order to bring your dog up healthy successfully. It is vital you learn how to care for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

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