About the Citronella Dog Collar

A Dog collar is the most commonly used tool for training and controlling bad behaviors of domestic dogs. Continuous barking for long periods of time can be natural, but yet it is disturbing. Dogs do have a tendency of barking when there is no absolute cause and these are the times that you might want to control the furry best friend. A great deal of the dog lovers who used a Citronella Dog Collar could benefit from its advantages and change unwanted behaviors of their dogs. A citronella dog collar works as follows. Every one can see that using this collar is an easy and effective way to control dog’s bad conduct.

What Is The Dog Collar Training All About

To condition the animal, a small dose of painless and harmless spray is released from the collar. This spray has been tried and tested and it is safe to say the least. First the dog will bark and when the collar is in place, an electronic sensor will produce the citronella dog collar spray. Your dog will get the smell of the spray very clearly as it is released right in front of his nose. Your dog will be compelled to wonder what the spray is because it will not just hear it but will see it and smell it. This way the animal will wonder, what is this new smell and what is its source? This way, the dog’s undesired behavior will be stopped. The dog will simply get distracted from barking and concentrate on this new odour.

When a citronella dog collar is on and the dog is barking aimlessly, the odour will be produced and with time, the barking will be associated with this experience and the dog will be conditioned with this regard. The dog will learn to remain calm when he or she is wearing a Citronella Dog Collar. Training and controlling your dog’s misbehavior by using a citronella dog collar will help you avoid anger and complaints from your neighbors. In contrast to electric shock collars which work on dog’s pain reflexes, citronella dog collar is harmless and a painless method in training your dog.

A Citronella Dog Collar is ideal for the dog owners who want to effectively train their pets. Training or conditioning a dog to behave in a certain way can be hard. This article reveals how a Citronella Dog Collar works on dogs to make sure that they behave as desired.

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