Have You Tried a Dog Bark Collar?

When you walk your dog you can meet various people and if you talk to some of them about buying a Dog Bark Collar, you’ll probably hear they are cruel or inhumane devices. Ironically however, when people say this to you, and you ask them if they’ve ever seen one, or perhaps even felt the shock these collars give, the answer is always no. These people have been told by others such things and they didn’t verified the information, they just pass it on to anyone who listens.

Powered by two small penlight batteries, the intensity of the shock delivered by these collars can under no circumstance harm a dog in any way. Luckily for dog owners, their pets don’t understand electricity and they will be startled by the shocks delivered through the dog bark collar. These collars achieve the desired goal more through surprise than anything else, and they most certainly don’t rely on a pain factor. In fact, there is no pain at all, even when the most intense shock is delivered. Of course the dog won’t like the feeling of neither the beep, nor the electric shock. People opposing to the use of these training devices will argue that the dog can be harmed mentally or emotionally if not physically. This shows the misunderstanding of canine psychology, because the correction of inappropriate behavior is the basic way of learning animals dispose of.

Additionally, you have to know that no dog needs more than a couple of days to learn how to avoid any correction. A good quality collar will make a buzzing sound before any electrical stimuli is delivered, and a dog quickly learns that the buzzing is followed by a very mild correction. For example, if your dog barks once or twice, nothing happens, but if it continues barking, the collar makes a buzzing sound, and if the barking continues, a very mild correction is given. If the dog ignores the correction, the following will be more intense and so far up to the highest level. There are rare cases of dogs that continue barking long enough to receive the highest level of correction. Most of the dogs are clever enough to avoid shocks through stopping barking at the sound of the warning beep.

Europe has some of the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world, so if a Dog Bark Collar was in any way harmful for a dog they would have long since been banned. Up to this moment, no other more successful training method was conceived. While professional dog trainers can on occasions teach a dog to stop barking without the use of a collar, the success rate leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s even less chance of success if you’re not a professional trainer. There are many cases of dogs that have been poisoned by the neighbors who were angry due to its unceasing barking. Both the owner and the dog will be emotionally affected if law forces the owner to get rid of the disturbing dog.

The use of the dog bark collar is safe and humane, while these devices are the most efficient training tools a dog owner can employ to solve the barking problem of its pet.

Some people say the Dog Bark Collar is cruel to use. They emit a warning beep followed by a startling shock. Countries with strict anti-cruelty laws allow the Dog Bark Collar use.



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