How Effective Is a Sonic Bark Collar?

There are many dog owners who find that the natural instinct of their dogs to bark is something that needs to be controlled. While there is much sympathy for this viewpoint, how effective is the sonic bark collar in creating this control?.

Professional dog trainers have a saying regarding the training of dogs: “Train the master while you train the dog,” and there’s a reason behind it. The reason for this is very simple, if the owner does not know what goes in to the training of his dog and does not know exactly what his dog has been trained to do upon which commands, the dog will disobey or be confused when the trainer is no longer there.

With this idea in mind, sonic collars, also known as ultrasonic bark collars are very useful for dog training if you know how to use them. The sonic collar is not a magical solution to all your dog’s problems, since it still requires time and patience.

In the imperfect world that we live in, some people use the sonic collar in a wrong way, in their hurry to train their dog in a unreasonable amount of time. These collars are not meant to be worn all the time. They should only be used when normal training isn’t effective and when there are other dogs nearby whose bark can activate the collar even if your dog is quiet. In addition, the ultrasonic bark collar has different settings that you should pay attention to before making your dog wear it. These settings refer to the level of sound vibrations (the barking) that the collar needs to detect before it activates itself, as well as the intensity of the sound that the collar will emit.

When used correctly, a sonic bark collar will calm your dog naturally, and prevent it from barking at inappropriate times, such as when people sleep or visit.

Dog trainers agree that the best way to correct a dog’s bad behavior is by doing so in the same instant it happens. The question still remains whether or not the sonic bark collar is the best way to stop your barking dog. Out of the three types of barking collars – Electric, Spray or Sonic, the sonic bark collar comes in as the third best alternative.

The sonic bark collar is an effective way to train your dog into stopping inconvenient barking. They are not a fast fix though. The ultrasonic bark collar works only when the owner knows how to train his or her dog.

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