Painless Dog Training With the Training Collar

October 27th, 2011

Have you tried everything to get your dog to listen to you? Treat reinforcement for good behavior, specialized training classes, and a firm voice not getting through to your pet? If you have tried various methods of training your dog to behave and he is still acting you aren’t saying a word to him, don’t despair. Not all of us can do this job properly. We all have to study hard before being good at something. Fortunately, new methods of dog training have been developed, and they don’t use the owner’s skill at all. The tool they came up with is known as the Training Collar.

You can attach this device like it was a normal collar. The difference is that you are given a remote control for the collar that typically has two functions. The first of these functions is often a warning button. When you press a warning button on your remote, a signal will go to your dog and the collar will make a warning sound. If the dog keeps barking, you can press another button and the collar will send your dog a mild shock. The barking collar uses a method called negative reinforcement.

Most people believe the collar is an inhumane object to use when training a dog but it is no different from using a spray bottle or a swift smack on the nose. Still, this is not true; the device doesn’t do any harm. If you set the collar’s shock intensity setting to full and just sit there tapping the shock button over and over again then yes, the collar is being used for inhumane treatment. Most pet owners who have a Training Collar realized there’s no need for them to abuse the device before the dog learns when to bark. If you want to go easier on your dog, you can press the warning button more times before sending the shock. Also, you can reward your dog with a tasty treat whenever the training makes progress.

It will not take long before your dog will learn when to bark and then you will not need to use the training collar anymore. He will listen to your commands and not run off chasing after whatever catches his eye. This training device is a much better choice than simply sending your dog away.

These collars have been around for decades now and are a very humane way to train your dog to behave. The shocks they send don’t hurt your pet, but they irritate it instead. If you’re still not convinced that you should use a bark collar on your dog, you can try it on yourself before. Many other dog owners achieved successin teaching their pets how to behave using this simple mechanism. Why shouldn’t you?.

The Training Collar isn’t a new device; it has been used by many pet owners. It does not hurt your dog, but rather annoys it. Learn more about how the Training Collar functions.

Is a Muzzle Right for Your Dog? Advice for Pet Grooming

October 25th, 2011

Home pet grooming can be a harrowing experience for both animal and owner. The activity stresses out some dogs and cats and, as such, they behave differently when they are getting a bath or having their nails clipped. They may snip or bite at the pet groomer even if they familiar with the human grooming them. A loving, docile pet can become all teeth and nails if they do not want to be groomed. The best, most humane way to protect both human and animal during pet grooming is to use a muzzle. Though some people think that a muzzle is cruel, it can keep the animal restrained and stop them from possibly doing harm.

A muzzle fits around the dog’s mouth and is secured around the back of the head with ties or straps. Pet grooming experts agree that the animal feels no discomfort when wearing the muzzle. It leaves enough room for the pet to breathe and at the same time restricts the animal from biting. Muzzles are made in many different sizes. Even small dogs with tiny mouths can inflict a nasty wound. There are no muzzles for cats but there are “head bag” contraptions that fit over the entire head, restricting biting. Pet grooming experts say that the bag is thin enough for the cat to breathe, but will keep the animal from biting the groomer.

There are many styles of muzzles the home pet groomer or pet grooming expert can use. The most popular one is called the softie. The softie is made of a pliable, soft, but resistant material that gives your dog the ultimate comfort as they are being groomed. The DuPont fabric is tear-resistant and durable, able to hold up during any pet grooming experience. It is stain resistant and can be machine washed. If you are grooming several dogs in succession, it is wise to wash the softie between dogs or to use another muzzle so diseases or bacteria will not be passed on.

There are several sizes of softies even for little breeds like Yorkies or Chihuahuas. Pet grooming experts do emphasize to not keep the muzzle on for an extended period of time. The muzzle could interfere with the animal’s natural cooling system.

The softie should not be used with overly aggressive dogs. When grooming an animal known to bite or attack, a leather muzzle is best. The leather will have enough strength to restrain the dog’s jaws and keep the groomer from getting bit, while having adequate space for the dog to pant and cool down. Besides pet grooming, these muzzles can be used during walks. They will warn passers-by that the dog is not friendly while protecting the public from a dog who doesn’t get along well with strangers. The drawback of the muzzle is that if your animal is attacked by another, it will have no way to defend itself.

Whether you are pet grooming or just worried about the disposition of your animal, the muzzle will protect you and your pet. Remember to look into multiple muzzling options before settling on any one model - find out what variety works best for your pet.

Jonathan Hook own Bow Meow Pet Care Centre in North Bay, Ontario. Much more information about dog care and general pet care is available at

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5 Common Grooming Mistakes Made by Dog Owners

October 23rd, 2011

1. Clipping the quick when cutting nails.

Don’t be in a hurry to finish his nails even though
your dog wants you to finish quickly. Take baby clips
using a SHARP nail clipper (my preference is spring
style or cat clippers for small dogs).

Don’t use a Dremel or other electronic/motororized
tool unless you’ve had some training in using it.
It’s too easy to overcut.

If your dog has white nails, the quick should
look pink. STOP clipping before you get there.

If your dog has dark nails, you should see a
black circle in the clipped part of the nail.
STOP clipping before you get there.

If you do draw blood, apply pressure and
styptic powder. A product called QuikStop
can be purchased at most pet stores.
If you can’t control the bleeding, get to a
veteranian or animal hospital immediately.

2. Getting shampoo in his eyes during baths.

Dogs love to shake their wet heads and it’s
easy for shampoo to sting his eyes.

Buy some sterile ophthalmic ointment (at pet store
or and dab in each eye
before bathing.

If shampoo gets in his eyes, rinse with cool water
or saline eyewash. Do NOT put more ointment
in his eyes. If his eyes remain red or he’s
squinting long after he’s dry, he needs
a vet’s attention.

3. Causing electric clipper burn.

It looks like a rash and results from using
overheated clipper blades or damaged blades.

Inspect your clippers before each use and replace
missing or dull blades and blades with broken teeth.

If your dog is affected, he’ll try to scratch or
lick the areas, which only worsens the irritation.

It’s a good idea to keep an Elizabethan collar
on hand (or make one) for such problems as they
prevent the dog from reaching irritated areas.
Keep the area clean and use an antibiotic ointment
on the skin until it heals.

4. Unintentionally encouraging allergic reactions.

Allergies seem to be on the rise and some dogs
are more sensitive than others. If your dog
is very itchy after a bath or his skin is red
and irritated, it may be an allergic reaction.
Try products with oatmeal or use all natural
products. And always rinse thoroughly to prevent
residue build-up.

If your dog develops a serious reaction such
as hives, diarrhea or pinpoint-sized pupils,
he needs immediate medical attention.
If he’s just itchy, try different mild
products until you find one that he likes.

You can work with a vet to pinpoint allergens
but this a time-consuming and expensive process.
I’d try various products first.

5. Leaving him unrestrained or unattended.

Dogs, especially those who hate being groomed,
can try to make escapes by jumping off a table
or off a lap. Serious injuries can result to
small dogs.

Never leave a dog unattended. Groom him on
the floor or restrain him if he’s on a table
or in a sink. Create a barrier around him so
he has no place to jumping off spot.

You can have a second person hold the dog
while you wash him if you’re using an area
too large to fence him in.

Be patient, stay calm and offer lots of praise
as you groom and you’ll avoid most problems.

Louise Louis is a long-time dog person and creator of

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No More Annoying Barking With the Anti Bark Collar

October 21st, 2011

Many wonder whether all types of barking are bad; actually, dogs have to bark every now and then and that’s perfectly normal. Your dog sometimes barks from valid reasons and other times it is just bored. When they bark all the time, this can be a problem. While there are several types of methods for preventing your dog from barking at such times, an Anti Bark Collar is definitely one of the best options.

The mechanism this device uses is extremely simple. The two main parts are a microphone and battery. The mic registers the dog’s barking and this triggers a mild stimulus that annoys your dog. These stimuli are different in bark control collars. Some of them use ultrasounds, while others are citronella based. From the dog owners’ experience, the citronella anti bark collar is the best solution; it is slightly more efficient than the one using ultrasounds, as your pet might get used to these sounds in a while.

Why should you consider using an anti bark collar instead of other methods? For those interested in a holistic approach of behavior control, such collars can be one of the best options available. The citrus collar is the best alternative. It contains natural ingredients, extracted from herbs. Even ultrasonic sound could arguably be considered holistic since it basically imitates the effect of a shouting human. The citrus collars are great for your dog, as well as for the insects. For instance, you can use the citronella collar to stop the dog’s barking, but the smell will also repel annoying insects, but it won’t kill them. Insects don’t like this smell either.

Another main benefit of anti-bark collars is that they’re humane. Again, that’s particularly true of citronella-based collars. As you love your dog, you want to train him without using aggressivity. While dogs dislike the scent of citronella, the scent won’t cause them any health problems. When it comes to the ultrasound collars, they are also harmless, as the sounds cannot hurt the dog. Keep in mind that your dog is your precious companion. Therefore, you must find the means to train it without hurting it. While it’s OK if a product gets your pet’s attention, look for ones that don’t cause your canine any pain.

One of the many benefits of this Anti Bark Collar is its efficiency. Whenever you purchase an item, you should be interested whether it really works. Among all dog training devices, the anti back collar is really worth the price. It can help eliminate almost 90% of the unwanted dog barking. Of course, there are low quality products and high quality ones. One of the criteria you must consider when making such a purchase is the efficiency of the product.

Because of the increasing offer in bark control devices, their price has dropped recently. The price of the product depends on various factors, and particularly the anti-bark method that it uses. Still, you can easily find anti-bark collars whose price tags are below $100 USD. And this is definitely a plus for those on low budget.

A Anti Bark Collar is human, efficient and affordable. These devices don’t harm your dog. Discover more about the Anti Bark Collar.

Different Dog Grooming Tubs and Their Benefits

October 19th, 2011

Occasionally your dog might need a bath to be given at home and it is essential you buy an appropriate grooming tub for that purpose. There are many types of grooming tubs with lots of features in-built in it to make the job of grooming, easy. You should know the different types of dog grooming tubs and how they benefit you and your dog in grooming.

Brands like Petmate, Petlift, and Pet Gear are more popular in the grooming tubs for the dogs. They come in different sizes. You can choose one that best suits your dog size and even the color that suits your dog. The Petmate bathing tub called the Rub-A-Dub tub comes in Spa Teal color in the size, 34.8 x 19.5 x 9.8 inches. This size of grooming tub can be used for dogs and even cats that are small. If your pet is just moved in this tub, it might slip. That is why they have rubber traction for the floor that prevents the pet from slipping. This traction is also antimicrobial. Apart from this feature there is a side drain spout to drain the washed water without making a mess. A small storage compartment is also there to store some of the accessories needed for bathing your dog.

One of the other popular dogs grooming tub from Petlift is the Mini tub. The design of this mini tub is that you need not bend to give a bath to your dog. The platform of this tub is waist height and hence you can easily give bath to your dog. This mini bath tub come in stainless steel and is more durable than the other type of grooming tubs. The size of the mini bathtub is suitable for grooming small pets like dogs and cats too. The position of the pet is easily manageable if kept on this tub. Plumbing for this tub can be attached to the right or the left side depending on your convenience.

Paws for Thought Booster Bath tub is another dog grooming tub that comes with a host of features that are often appreciated by the dog owners. This booster bath is lightweight and raised from the floor making it easy for you to groom your pet. A non-slip mat is available on the floor of this tub which allows the pet to stand in it without slipping. Covered on three sides, with one open end, makes it easy for the pet to enter the grooming tub. A drain and one extended drain are also available in this product to drain the washed water without making a mess. Caddies for holding the shampoo are also available in this grooming tub for small pets.

Similar dog grooming tubs with all of these benefits are available from different manufacturers. You can compare the features and the price before you decide to buy one.

Read further about Dog Grooming Tubs on the site

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Dog Grooming Tables for Home Grooming - the Hydraulic Grooming Table

October 17th, 2011

When you think of a hydraulic grooming table you may envision huge and somewhat expensive dog grooming tables. However, as pet grooming equipment evolves so do options for the pet owner interested in home grooming their pet.

It is virtually impossible to give your dog a good haircut when you can’t reach him well or he is moving around. This is unsafe for both him and you, not to mention back breaking when trying to reach difficult spots and hold him still at the same time.

This is where a grooming table helps significantly. Using the grooming arm & loop and raising the table to the proper height, you can easily and thoroughly brush and trim your dog’s coat and clip and file his nails.

Is a hydraulic table the best choice for the home groomer?

When it comes to ease of use and functionality, hydraulic tables are an excellent choice for home dog grooming. Whether you own a small or large dog, using a hydraulic lift table will prevent you from straining your back and neck by stooping over for extending periods and/or lifting a heavy dog.

How affordable are hydraulic grooming tables?

A high quality dog grooming table with a hydraulic lift suitable for home grooming can be found for around $100-$150 for new tables. Because new tables can already be found at such reasonable prices, one is not likely to find a significant discount on a used table unless you are looking at a high-end, professional grade model. For pet owners looking for an inexpensive table for their personal use, it is probably most economical to purchase a new one that comes with a warranty.

Will these inexpensive tables support my large dog?

There are quality grooming tables that will support a pet up to 300lbs for around $150. If you own a Saint Bernard or English Mastiff, you may need to step up to a heavy duty table whose hydraulic lift supports up to 450 lbs. These tables will be considerably more expensive.

What features are available in this price range?

Even the least expensive models discussed here can be found that include a full 360 degree swivel, textured rubber surfaces to prevent slipping, and a free grooming arm and grooming loop.

Click the links here to find the latest models and prices for hydraulic grooming table equipment and accessories or find out more about small dog grooming equipment and supplies for yorkie grooming here.

Whether you groom your pet at home or you’re a professional dog groomer, you can benefit greatly from a hydraulic table.

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Dog Containment Techniques

October 15th, 2011

Coming home and being welcomed with the utmost enthusiam by your furry friend is really wonderful. Dogs can turn your awful day into a great one; sometimes, knowing that you come home after a busy, exhausting day, to see your furry friend, is enough to make your day brighter. As much as you love your pet, love alone cannot train it and many times you receive complaints from your family members or neighbors about your dog. Unfortunately, every owner has come across this kind of a situation where they are greeted with a complaint about their darling pet as against the joyful welcome. This is why you should use dog containment systems.

An electronic collar, despite the misconception that people have about it, is one of the more humane ways of training your dog. In many situations, electronic collars help greatly with training your dog and sometimes they can even save its life. There are primarily three things that electronic collars can help you with. The contexts in which you should use them are:

1. Fencing:.

Dogs that live in the country side are prone to running away from the area destined for them. With an electronic collar, you can keep your dog from running away freely and disturbing the livestock. Consequently, people around you might be skeptical about your dog or even advise you to get rid of it. Even if you live in the city, a dog can disturb your neighbors or family members; it can even run away and get itself killed. All these problems can be stopped by dog containment devices like the electronic collar. The electronic collar with minimal action will teach your dog to stay within a certain area.

2. Distance training:

You probably enjoy the idea of walking your dog peacefully; yet, this nice dream turns into a nightmare when your dog stops paying attention your what you command as it notices something more interesting along the way. These are situations that can result in you losing your dog to some mishap. With a remote training collar, the situation becomes easier to manage; you simply have to use the buttons on your remote to control your dog’s reactions.

3. Anti bark collars:

These products solve the barking problem in no time. This is the most frequent problem that generates complaints from your family and neighbors. Not only them, but you yourself can be annoyed by your dog’s noise. In these cases, if you use a bark control collar, you can easily help your dog get rid of this unpleasant habit.

The above three uses of the electronic collar are only a few of the many that you can actually use them for. Remote training systems draw your pet’s attention and correct its behavior without hurting it. As a matter of fact, as per the majority of electronic collar users, the shock button only needs to be used two or three times.

dog containment devices are not as inhumane as many uninformed individuals believe. They correct the pet’s behavior without hurting it. Discover the uses of dog containment devices.

Protect Your Pet With an Invisible Dog Fence

October 13th, 2011

Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, it’s very likely that you ran into a dog before. These dogs are called runners; they have owners, but they chose to run away, not being aware of the danger. They aren’t dangerous dogs; they only ran away to play and now they’re exposed to being accidentally hit by cars. We all want our dogs to have as much freedom as they possibly can, but don’t let your energetic canine companion become prey to the dangers of the outside world. Thanks to the new technology, now you can purchase a system that trains your dog. This option is best known as the invisible dog fence.

You must install this fence in the area surrounding your dog’s playground and also attach a collar at the neck of the dog, that is connected with the sensors of the fence. This collar can become active whenever the dog gets near the periphery of the area and signals this through a beeping sound. If the dog ignores the warning sounds, the collar will give it a mild shock, which increases in intensity if the dog does not go far from the fence. This is one of the best training methods you can use to teach your dog not to run away anymore.

Even if this imaginary fence is extremely efficient, many pet owners live with the impression that it hurts their animals. These people are uninformed, as dog fences have evolved since they were first invented, in 1971. The new invisible dog fence is completely harmless. The dog collar associated with the fence only sends the dog a mild shock, that cannot hurt him. It doesn’t harm the dog at all; it simply startles your pet. Almost all types of collars have adjustable intensity of the shocks so you can set the collar to administer milder shocks if your dog is very young or very small. It is certainly more humane than the suffering your dog would experience if he is hit by a vehicle or wounded by a neighbour’s gun.

It’s been many years now since dog owners have enjoyed the benefits of the invisible dog fences. The peace of mind that the fence gives the owner is well worth the cost of the fence, which is less than if you were to put an average fence around your yard. When your dog gets used to not crossing the line of the fence, both your and its lives will be easier. It will also be able to see the surroundings of the area, as there are no physical borders. Do yourself and your puppy a favor, and get an invisible fence for him or her to play around in. You won’t regret it.

Many dog owners believe that the invisible dog fence is dangerous for their pets. In reality, the new generations of dog fences are harmless. Make an informed decision about the utility of a invisible dog fence!

Anti Bark Collars - the Easy Dog Training Method

October 11th, 2011

Poeople have the strangest ideas when it comes to Anti Bark Collars and still believe in myths presented in movies. They always associate the bark collars with harm treatment for dogs and avoid purchasing such products; ths kind of behavior is present even in those who usually don’t treat their dogs well. The truth is that constant, annoying bark is enough to really annoy someone. You can have arguments with your neighbors for this reason, but you can also get in trouble with the law. Most jurisdictions have legislation in place which could force a dog owner to get rid of their dog if it’s continuously causing a disturbance.

Having to give your dog away after he or she has been with you for many years can be a huge emotional upset, both for you and the dog. Don’t imagine that most such dogs end up in good places; many of them cannot live with other families. They keep on changing places until they end up in shelters and killed by lethal injections. Sometimes, dogs in shelters are killed by lethal injection; you probably don’t want this to happen to your pet as well.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of people have seen movies where a dog has been tortured using a shock collar, and they’ve read reports on how cruel these collars are. The internet has an important role to play; ghostwriters, without having done research in the field, spread bad rumors about these devices, without even testing them first. Some are even under the impression that you need to shave a section of the dog’s neck, in much the same way criminals are shaved in preparation for the electric chair. Others imagine that the dogs will get burns if they wear these collars. There are many stories about the bark collars and most of them are oly myths.

Actually, bark collars are rather harmless. Static shock is the closesc sensation to the one you get from a bark collar. Yes it gives you a fright, but it’s by no means painful, and it can certainly do you know harm.

Many dogs today are still alive because the anti bark collars have been invented. Practically everyone who has used them consider them to be a real blessing, in that problematic barking almost always stops within just a few days of the collar being put on a dog. Moreover, the Anti Bark Collars warn the dogs before administering the shock itself. As it continues to bark, the collars begin administering the shocks. The first shocks are the mildest. When the dog keeps on barking, the intensity of the shock rises; even so, the most intense shock is barely a bit stronger than the static shock. After all, there are only two tiny batteries delivering the charge in the first place.

People have many prejudices when it comes to Anti Bark Collars. The strongest shock from these collars resembles static shock. Find out more about the types of Anti Bark Collars.

Rescue a Yorkie Toy Dog

October 9th, 2011

There are numerous dogs that are eagerly waiting for a warm home and a loving family in animal shelters or adoption centers or organizations, and also many people who take into consideration obtaining a pet from such a place. Though any individual has his own reasons why he or she wants to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier from animal shelters or adoption centers or organizations, but they also need to consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of this action.

Pros and Cons of a Yorkshire Terrier Adoption

The part that will make anyone want to get a dog from the rescue center is the fact that you are really saving a dog’s life and offering him or her a home as well as love. The greatest advantage is the price on each dog, which is considerable less for example a yorkie rescue will cost approximately couple of hundred dollars where as a puppy from a breeder can cost couple of thousands.

There are also some disadvantages to take into account and you should consider them carefully before you decide to pick a Yorkshire Terrier from an adoption center. Usually the dogs are dropped at the rescue center because something is wrong with the medically for example: bad genes, mental problems, a terminating illness or disorders that will make it hard for you or anyone else live with the dog.

The former owner could declare other reasons than the true one when he or she left the dog to the shelter, and this is why you must solicit a medical certificate so you can be able to deduct the present state of health of the dog and the history of the parents if possible. There are many healthy dogs at these rescue shelters and adoption centers, and any medical issue is diagnosed when the dog has the first vet exam once it gets into the shelter, and any curable health issue it may have is treated.

As the dogs you can find in shelters have already a past with other owner or owners, another big disadvantage is that you don’t know this past of the dog, how it was treated by the former owner or what happened before it was abandoned, and this past may be still affecting his or her present mental status; moreover, older dogs are hard to housebreak or obedience train because they are too old to follow another master commands, or they may have some mental disorders and cannot remember or understand commands well.

Yorkshire Terrier From The Rescue Center

Yorkshire Terriers are a toy breed of dogs, and this classifies them in the small group of breeds; they have quite fragile bodies and the breed is prone to infections and other diseases; their adult body weight is about 7 pounds and height of approximately 10 inches. Inform yourself about the top ten yorkie rescue mistakes before adopting, in order to be sure that you make the best decision possible for your family.

Check out if the dog isn’t by Hypoglycemia that occurs due to environment changes.

First Things to Do After Adopting

In order find out for yourself his or her actual state of health take a full check up to the vet office.

It is a very noble thing to get a dog from the rescue center and once you have taken the step you must do everything in your power to restore a normal life for you new pet and friend in a warm home with loads of love and understanding

The yorkie rescue from a shelter is less costly. Learn about the top ten yorkie rescue mistakes before adopting. The Yorshire Terrier is a toy breed.