My Sister’s Cute Puppy

i love Maltese, Pomeranian, German shepherd, beagle, Siamese, Bengal, Doberman, jack Russell, bulldog, terrier, poodle, Chihuahua Pomeranian, dachshund, yorkie, Yorkshire, German shepherd, gold retriever, black lab, brown Labrador, pug, mut, cocker spaniel, bichon frise, Boston terrier, shi Tzu, and rescue shitzhund dogs and puppies. My puppy and dog are so cute together. i learned how to train my dog in like no time at all. i’m really good at training because it is so easy! screw going to classes you can do it all on your own. dogs are the best pet ever!!! and they are always super awesome and cool and fun to play with. they can fetch, and jump, and spin, and open doors!

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  1. danehurt says:

    no way this vid …
    no way this vid ROCKS!!!

  2. Kristof678 says:

    why is this a …
    why is this a response to my video..this is video sucks nutts

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