History and Origin of The Yorkshire Terrier

It’s a question that most Yorkshire Terrier owners want to know. What is the history and origin of the Yorkshire Terrier? It’s a question that this article will endeavor to answer as well as offering some great tips on looking after your own ‘Yorkie’.

The history and origin of the Yorkshire Terrier comes from the city of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, more accurately in the Northern parts of England. They were first bred in the middle of the 19th century and kept in mostly industrial areas, where they were trained to catch rats. This was a major problem in England at the time and the Yorkshire terrier was perfectly designed to catch rats. This may also be the reason why they tend to have an aggressive nature to them, as they were originally trained to hunt and kill.

In fact there were many different types of breeds of terriers and many people believe that the Yorkshire Terrier was a result of constant cross breeding between different types of dogs. During those times, people allowed for dogs to walk the streets as they became to be the best method to reducing the local rat infestation, therefore it’s highly likely that many other breeds of dogs we see today were a direct result of constant cross breeding during those times.

Another thing that most people don’t know about the history and origin of the Yorkshire Terrier is that they were a lot bigger back in those times than they are now. It wasn’t until someone decided to start select breeding on them that they became a much smaller dog and are now considered as being a form of ‘toy’ dog. You wouldn’t expect to see a dog the size of today’s Yorkies taking down a large black rat would you!

Another important part of the history and origin of the Yorkshire Terrier was when they were first showed. Records kept suggest that the first time a Yorkshire Terrier was first shown was in 1870, but they weren’t fully registered with the British Kennel Club until 1874 and ever since that point they have become a well recognized purebred dog.

So that’s the complete history and origin of the Yorkshire Terrier answered. Hopefully this information has cleared up a lot of facts so that next time you are at your local Yorkshire Terrier club, you’ll be able to impress everyone with your newfound knowledge of the history and origin of the Yorkie and the wonderful Yorkshire Terrier temperament.

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