miniature yorkshire terrier

Free Miniature Yorkshire Terriers in New Hampshire?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I don’t have alot of money, so a free puppy would be perfect. I need it to be a healthy dog. I dont care the age.
OVIOUSLY I CAN AFFORD TO TAKE CARE OF IT, but i dont want to spend 1000+ dollars buying it. Im not stupid. thanks.
im not a minor, but thanks…

If you dont have a lot of money, you dont need to get a dog. Make sure you can provide vet trips, meds, food, exc for the dog before going out any buying one.

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Question 10pts?

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Ok, me and my family would like to buy a (teacup size). But we don’t know whether miniature and teacup are the same. I phoned the person and she said he wouldn’t be much bigger then 10inches. So is miniature and teacup the same?


There are no teacup anythings! When you see pics of yorkies in teacups its because they are puppies and to be honest you could put a day old rottie in a tea cup and call it a teacup rottie! lol.
As said before yorkies are measured in weight, under 7lb is the ideal although some heavier yorkies are about. My own boys Dad was a tiny 5lb but his mum (KC reg) is nearly 10lb! My boy is just under the 7lb mark.
If you want a small yorkie (and anything under 5lb WILL have health issues) go to a reputable breeder who aims for the 5-7lb mark.
Be cautious, a yorkie breeder friend of mine once joked there are no such things as runts in a yorkie litter. You call it a "mini" and charge double the price, but be aware you will be getting a runt with all the problems a runt can have.

Why Does My Sisters Dog Constantly Lick Everything and Anything?

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

The dog is a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier and it would sit on your lap and just lick your jumper or your trouser leg. She would sit on the seat and just lick the seat.
She’s a healthy 8 month old dog.

In dogs constant licking is usually a sign of boredom or a lack of exercise and stimulation…over time if left unaddressed it can become an obsessive tendency.

I Have a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Is It Cruel Keeping It in a Confined Area for 6 Hours a Day?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

he is 9 weeks old and not yet toilet trained.
we wake up at 7am we play with him then give him breakfast at 7:30 then play with him till 8:15am, then put him in a sectioned area of a room with his bed, blankets, water and toys he is in that confinement until 3:20pm apart from when i give him his lunch around 12:30pm. We then play with him from 3:20pm till 6:15pm when we put him back into his confinement whilst we have dinner, we then get him out and give him his dinner, he plays with us till about 9:30/10pm and then goes back to his sectioned off bit of the room.
Do you think this is cruel?

I think, yes.
Dogs are better off if they have a constant companion.
I always have either two dogs or two cats.
When you are not there, they have a friend to keep them occupied.

Gunder A.

HELP- My Dog Has Started Weeing on the Carpet?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I’ve got a miniature Yorkshire terrier, I’ve had her for four years and recently she has started weeing on the carpet. The vet .said not to tell her off unless you see her doing it because it stress them out, we tried putting her in the bathroom but she scratched the door so much she made herself bleed. I regularly take her out for walks and let her outside but she does it when I am out. Please help with any suggestions on how to stop her.

I am quite knowledgable about dogs, but have never in my life heard of a Miniature Yorkshire terrier. There is one kind of Yorkshire terrier and they are up to 7 pounds. (Obviously with some individuals over that size)

No matter what breed of dog, whenever there is a behavioral change one must rule out medical issues first.

Have your dog checked for a urinary tract infection, or anything else that would casue this sudden change.

I would also invest in a crate.

If this is not a medical issue, then you need to look up articles on crate training your dog, and start all over again with your house breaking.

How Many People Here Think There Is No Such Thing as a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier?

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

This is just out of interest because on a few of my previous questions I have mentiond my minni yorkie,chloe, and a few people have said there wasn’t such thing. What do you say :)

I got chloe frum my aunties

As a once breeder of quality show Yorkies, I can say catergorically that there is only ONE TYPE of Yorkshire Terrier. Those uneducated will call them miniature and standard, but those are incorrect terms. The Yorkie breed standard states that the size should not exceed 7lb in weight, and ideally they should not be under 4lb, breeders prefer 5-6lb.

Unreputable backyard greeders and puppy farms will deliberately breed dogs under this size, usually unhealthy runts with health problems, and will give them silly madeup designer names like "Teacup" and "baby doll", etc in order to dupe the unsuspecting pet owner to paying larg sums for them. #

Check the links. Still not sure? Find the breed on any bone fide Kennel Cluib website .

EXTRA: Show me a link to "teacup Yorkies" from a BONE FIDE Kennel Club, not some KRAPPY backyard breeder’s site please.

My Friends Daughter Has Gone on Holiday and Left the Dog Alone With Just One Visit Per day.What Should I Do?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

She has gone to Tenerife for three weeks and has made little provision for the dog (miniature yorkshire terrier). I have told her dad that this is unacceptable and that I am not happy.He is going to Tenerife today.She is a selfish spoilt cow.My mate says that he will have the dog at his house but I don’t know how to set it up.Please advise as I am struggling to cope with the situation.Should I call the RSPCA?

Hi Masha, christ some people here give such bloody stupid answers…( you are jealous..!!! ), you are obviously very concerned for this poor fellow and i would be doing the exact same as you, quickly see if you can catch the dad and ask can you look after the dog,and when they are back really lay it on thick that the dogs needs are totally not being thought of,and does she really love and care for and want this dog..??.
Its great to see a person like myself who does really care for animals….keep up the good work..xx

Where Can I Find a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier for $200?

Monday, September 21st, 2009

your local BYB there is one in every street

seriously check out your local shelters

My Daughter’s Friend Has a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier That Is Having Puppies, Should I Choose a Boy or Girl?

Friday, August 28th, 2009

My daughter’s friend is going to sell us each a puppy when they are born. My daughter said she gets first pick & she wants a girl puppy so she can put bows in its hair. I asked her if there is a difference in behavior, or should I just get a boy since she is getting a girl or is that a bad thing because they will try to mate & that isn’t allowed since they would be brother & sister?

To the person who said there is NO such thing as a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier:

Also, my daughter actually said toy yorkshire terrier, but when I typed that in it said Do you mean: miniature toy yorkshire terriers?
See it said, Also Try Miniature Yorkshire Terrier:

if your sister gets a female, I would get the same. Littermates should get along well. I would have them both fixed before they are 6 months old.

Would I Be Able to Take My Dog on Board the Plane?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

my dog is a miniature yorkshire terrier and its about 10-12 inches long and were planning to go on holiday and want to take her with us if you can what are the requirements and what airlines allow dogs on board. we live in the UK and were planning on going to a country in europe

You would be able to take your dog with you as long as she is under 15lbs. You must have a vet health certificate to fly out of country, otherwise the country you arrive in may quarantine your dog for 10 days. You must let your airline know and pay the fee (usually $150), and make sure they have room for a dog since they only allow a certain number of animals on the plane at a time. Get a airline approved carrier. I don’t know what all airlines allow dogs. I know Delta, Southwest and Northwest all do. You will probably have to go to the website of the airline you intend to fly and find out. Good luck