miniature yorkshire terrier

Is There a Such Thing as a White and Black/grey Miniature Yorkshire Terrier?

Monday, August 10th, 2009

looking for one

YT come in ONE correct size & ONLY "blue&tan".
Anything else is WRONG & probably a mutt.

added-SILKYS ARE ************NOT**************** that color either.They too *MUST* BE BLUE&TAN!!!!!!!!

What Is a Good Middle Name for Mandy?

Friday, July 24th, 2009

My family just got a miniature yorkshire terrier named mandy but we need a middle name can you help me out?


Shaking Miniature Yorkie?

Monday, June 15th, 2009

My miniature yorkshire terrier – not teacup- shakes really bad when she is hungry…but once fed she stops. She gets fed 3 times daily. Im wondering if this is normal as she is so small, or should i take her to the vet?
I took her to the vet a month ago and they said i was feeding her the right amount of food everyday…I measure it each time

Tiny and toy breeds can suffer from hypoglycemia, which means they have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels.

Low blood sugar can cause shaking, shivering, lethargy, disorientation, even seizures if it gets severe enough. Tiny puppies like this need to be fed several times a day, and even as adults they usually need to be fed at least twice daily.

I'd recommend that you feed your pup more often, perhaps 4 times a day instead of 3, this should help her. You can also add a little bit of Karo syrup to her water once a day. If these measure don't help, I'd recommend talking to your veterinarian about it.

Best of luck with her.

Anyone, Advise Good Female Names for My New Yorkie? [:?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I will be getting a new 8 week old yorkie next Friday and I'm stuck for names.

I have a few in mind but I just can't choose >.< :
x yoshi
x yuki
x cookie
x razzle
x thumper~ vote or your favourite or give me your own suggestion!

side note: the breeder I'm getting her from is my friends father, I visit them often and there is a webcam in their kennel. nothing has been harshly done. the yorkie mom and dad were not originally meant to be bred but they both went into heat…and yeah. they both were miniature yorkshire terriers .

Yoshi looks great, Kie or Yory also looks good :) You can learn about the origin of the Yorkies and get a name of her origin.

What Unusual "funny" Names Can You Think of for My New Miniature Yorkie Puppy?

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I am getting a miniature Yorkshire Terrier soon and I've been waiting for it to be born, I don't yet know if it is a girl or a boy.

I am busy looking for a name that will make people either smile or laugh when they hear it. What ideas do you have for funny male and female names for a very tiny doggie?
To the people who so far have actually answered the actual QUESTION, thank you and fantastic ideas!!! Keep them coming.

To the rest who didn't even READ the question at all, I couldn't give a continental if it's miniature or not, or true breed or not, I will still love it, my whole family will love and adore it…you nincompoops!

no such thing as a "miniature" Yorkshire Terrier. There is only one breed/type of Yorkie recognised by all Kennel clubs, the breed standard states they should not exceed 7 lbs in weight, which is plenty small enough for a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder who does not try to rip you off by calling it "miniature" or even worse, "teacup" !

My Dog Is Sick?!? Can Anyone Help?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

she's a miniature yorkshire terrier. she's almost 4 years old and weighs 3 and a half pounds. she's usually just a normal dog..

tonight she started acting crazy! to any person in my family's knowledge, she has not eaten anything strange (or that a dog should not eat) and she's been doing the same things that she normally does!

but tonight she has been acting like she's almost disoriented! she can't stay still for more than 10 seconds in any position, she is sitting and laying in awkward positions, she keeps throwing up this foamy white stuff and sometimes little chunks of brown stuff that honestly looks like little pieces of cookie dough (but she has not gotten a hold of any!)

she has thrown up about 10 times now, all about half-dollar sizes, and she keeps pushing her body close against us. she'll come running or walking up to us very awkwardly and unusually for her, and then press her body so close to us she almost rolls over on herself!

she seems to be in constant pain because she is constantly squirming and changing her positions, although she has not been whimpering or making any sounds.

what is wrong with her??! i am freaking out! if anyone can pleaseee help that would be sooo much appreciated because i love her so much!

is this a situation where she needs to be taken to the vet immediately or do you think she will be okay overnight?? THANKS!
she's "fixed" so i don't think she can still be in heat can she?

Take her to the vet immediately. No one could possibly tell you whats wrong without looking at the dog. 1 vomit could wait. 10 can't.

Hope she's ok :-)

Any Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in the North West Area, UK?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

I am looking to buy a miniature yorkshire terrier.

there is just one type of yorkshire terrier, regardless of what you may have been told.
there is a TREND developing for very small toy breeds, much smaller than breed standard would allow, you can find tea-cup SIZED and shamefully bred dogs on websites all over now, the dogs are dressed up all cute with bows and placed in a basket to look sweet for their web sites.
there seem to be more and more people convinced that their is nothing wrong with breeding ultra small dogs.
these dogs are more likely to develop health problems, like breathing difficulties for eg.
breed standards have been put in place for a reason, and these TEACUP yorkies are only a fraction of the weight the breed should be, which basically means its a runt.

another thing is these tiny dogs are bred to be smaller and smaller, a small dog produces a small litter, the price you pay for a so called teacup dog doesnot reflect its quality, and i have noticed these and "designer" dogs are being sold for far more than even show standard puppies (you will just be ripped off).

look for a good show kennel and get a puppy from there.
a breeder who breeds to show will always have pups that dont meet what they are looking for in a show dog, this is why they sell them, they will keep the best only.

expect to pay £650 for a yorkie pup, a "teacup" will most likely cost upwards of that for some weired reason, i have no idea why, probably because there is always someone who will buy one, and will most likely cost you in vet bills in the long run, and live a shorter life.

Will My Dog Be Okayyy :( ?

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

The dog was left in a room alone for a while, and there was a plate of chips with lots of salt and vinegar on them, and i came back in the room, and all the chips had gone, my dog eaten them, will she be okay?
shes only a Miniature yorkshire terrier.

She should be fine, make sure theres plenty of water in her bowl for her. If shes sick it'll be from over eating. My girlfriend has a miniature yorkie and she's stolen a 6inch meatball subway and got away with it!

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies Are Our Little Babies

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I am a 4 pound miniature YorkshireYorkieTerrier. I was born in Michigan and now divide my time jetsetting back and fourth from Michigan to Chicago, spending times on both “coasts”! A lady never tells her real age, but I have been

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier for Stud

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

i have a 2 year old registered yorkshire terrier for stud, he is excellent wih dogs and children, he is a beautiful dog and very good natured we are based in cheshire please contact for further details on thanks.