Where Can I Buy a Teacup Puppy in Jacksonville,Florida?

I wanna buy a teacup yorkie,poodle,or pomerainian and I dont know where I can buy one from

In Jacksonville, Florida

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  1. ;]kelsyluvsjosiah! says:

    thats local animal shelters/rescues in your area
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  2. ROLLS ROICE says:

    the dog store
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  3. Bottom Dweller says:

    the pet shop
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  4. Nora G says:

    try a local kennel or else google teacup yorkshire and u will get all kinds of places in and around the area
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  5. dixcuxx.com worldwide forum says:

    I saw that in pearl island in Florida!
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  6. My Golden Jewel <3 says:

    You can try Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and other stores.

    For really nice ones like this:

    They cost between 10-30 dollars.

    Hope this helps!
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  7. rockgirl224 says:

    In Jacksonville, Florida
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    My brain

  8. ?? Nekkid Bootie ?? says:

    You cant buy one, because they dont exist.

    There’s no such thing as a “teacup” anything.. its just a label used byr irresponsible breeders to sell an unhealthy runt puppy for a high price tag.

    Yorkies and Poms come in ONE size only (both are 7 pounds or less, which is plenty small).. the smallest poodle you can get is a Toy poodle, which is 10 inches or less at the shoulders.

    Try shelter or rescue http://www.petfinder.com.
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  9. .~*andie*~. says:

    Oh you can get a teacup dog from a bunch of places:
    -pet store
    -puppy mill
    -backyard breeder
    …meaning don't get one! The term 'teacup' means runt. People out for money breed sickly runts to make smaller versions and prey on people who don't know better and want a cute pup. You will end up paying tons in vet bills down the line.
    The breeds you're looking at are already very small..why not just look into shelters, rescues, or even REPUTABLE breeders and get one which fits the standards? You'll be much better off in the end. And so will the dog!
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  10. shilohcoral says:

    You are better off not buying a dog like that but instead going to the pound. Dogs from the pound that are mixed breed are not only smarter but tend to have less health problems due to purebreds being cross bred. You actually want a dog that came by as a product of incest? This dog’s mother was probably forced to have sex with her father, her brother, or even one of her sons! If you MUST have one, look up CERTIFIED breeders online and shell out the money.
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  11. We Want Cookies!! says:

    There is no such thing called Teacups. Please don’t be fooled by those backyard breeder scams. Have you considered adopting from shelters instead of supporting those backyard breeding operations?
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  12. B says:


    go to this website. you can buy a teacup puppy here. an it is located in florida….please pick me for your best answer…please. this place also sells the other dogs that you are intrested in.
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  13. rescue member says:

    A china shop.
    No such thing as a "teacup" live dog - don't you know that unscrupulous back yard breeders and puppy millers made that term up to sell their undersize, sickly runts at inflated prices to clueless buyers?

    Go to Pefinder.com or a yorkie, poodle, or pom rescue -t hey have gorgeous little pups looking for good homes.
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  14. TN2Vegas says:

    Oh gee another st-id question!
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  15. kitani_stud says:

    Read this before you buy one.

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  16. First let me say thank you for posting my Truth About Teacups page. I do hope some take the time to read it, so you can avoid buying from puppymills who are the ones who created this term to make dishonest sales. Most sell puppies that are actually 4-5 weeks old, who don’t know how to eat on their own because they are to young, and then they get shipped. When they get to the new home, most die from previous illnesses, or illnesses brought on by stress. Most new owners think you can purchase a dog via the internet the way you would purchase clothes or a purse. Don’t get caught up in that kind of trap! Do your homework! Read about how to avoid puppymills and dishonest cruel puppy mills!

    Instead of asking where to buy a teacup size puppy, you should be asking where you can find and buy a HEALTHY puppy that will live to be an adult, from an honest reputable breeder!

    Here are some links I think are worth reading:






    Please read these before you decide you want to purchase a TEACUP puppy.

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