General Yorkshire Terrier Care

Pets are like children, they will need your attention, love and dedication in order to grow strong and healthy especially when they are puppies and their immune system is weak and fragile.

Here are some general Yorkshire Terrier care facts, which are vital for the good health, happiness and long life of your pet friend.

The Right Diet

Just like with human beings the right food and exercise will ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. The safe and way to achieve this is to contact a veterinary as soon as you acquire your pet and firstly confirm your pet’s present state of health and then the vet can decide on the right nutrition and diet to follow.

Yorkshire Terriers are toy breed dogs, which put them in the small dog category weighting approximately 7 pounds and generally measuring about eight to ten inches. Therefore, little quantities of food can satisfy them but they need three meals a day and some treats in between. An Important factor is to not overdo their treats as we only tend to; this will kill their appetite and in the long run their diet and health.

Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

The beauty of the Yorkshire Terriers is their fur; they are single coated, which means that during the winter you will require to provide them with a body coat or sweater in order to keep them warm and comfortable.

A big part of your Yorkshire Terrier care will be grooming because their fur grows quickly and needs daily brushing. It is advised to wash your Yorkie every 7 to 10 days with special dog shampoo as yours has a different ph and will not be suitable. Conditioner is required as well if you want to comb his or her fur with ease and to keep is shiny you may want to apply a mask or cream occasionally.

You can use a small tub or any sink in the house to wash your Yorkie as they are small and fit with ease, dry them quickly and blow dry with a dryer on medium or low depending on the size of the fur so it is not too hot on the skin, you will be able to feel the heat on your hand but remember the skin on their body is more sensitive than the back of your palm

Professional grooming will be required occasionally for the overall fur, in the ears, around the feet as well as around the rectum, where feces may get attached. Yorkshire Terrier care also includes trimming the nails in order to have them short and blunt so he or she does not hurt other or himself or herself.

The Yorkshire Terrier care extends to the teeth of your pet too, as they are prone to plaque and from there any diseases can develop; ask the veterinary what is the right way to clean your dog’s teeth and with what products.

Finding The Right Veterinarian For Your Yorkshire Terrier Care

There are a few common health concerns such as hypoglycemia and collapsed trachea that you may encounter in your Yorkshire Terrier care, for an emergency but also for regular check ups you will require a veterinary.

The right veterinary is one that is qualified and certified to practice, has his office close to your home in case of an emergency and also provides you with a telephone number should you need an emergency advice when the office is closed. With pets, just like with children, you never know when a health emergency will come up and if you don’t have the knowledge how to handle it, the next best thing to do is rush to a veterinarian. Also, see the article regarding health concerns facing the Yorkshire Terrier for more information.

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