Diet And Nutrition

Yorkshire Terrier care includes in a large part his or her nutrition and how you should approach it in order to provide your pet with a balanced diet that will keep him or her in good health. Here are some guidelines that will help your dog become strong and stay healthy.

Diet And Nutrition For The Young Yorkshire Terrier

Until the age of 6 months the Yorkshire Terrier will require three meals a day after that you can start with two meals a day until the age of one year. It is important that until the age of one year and sometimes even later, to provide your puppy with specific vitamins and minerals in order for him or her to digest better as their metabolism is slow during that time.

It is very important that you establish your Yorkshire terrier’s health state as soon as you purchase it and with the help of your veterinarian you can work out a meal plan that includes the required vitamins and minerals in order to get him strong and healthy.

Diet And Nutrition For The Adult Yorkshire Terrier

The adult Yorkie can be fed one full meal a day but can break it into two servings, here too the veterinarian will come to your rescue and guide you according to your dog’s present health state. At all times you may require to provide your pet with extra supplements and vitamins to protect him or her from diseases and viruses.

Yorkshire Terrier care includes knowing what type of food to choose; the usual recommendation by the vet is dry dog food as it cleans his or her teeth in the process but also fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also mix the dry food with wet type in order to give it some texture if you like and feel your dog does not receive enough wet food.

Diet And Nutrition For The Aging Yorkshire Terrier Care

The Yorkshire Terrier can be expected to live up to 15 years of age if you take proper care of his or her nutrition and diet. As they grow older the Yorkeis will need a rich carbohydrate diet with a lot of fiber, which will make it easy to digest as yet again as with everyone in old age the metabolism will take a back seat.

Other Helpful Tips For Yorkshire Terrier Care

Water is an important part of the diet and you must always assure the he or she has a fresh bowl available. Treats are yet another big joy for both owners and pets but, you must not overdo it as the Yorkies get very fast full and may neglect eating the nutritious meal later. Because they are very small, for a Yorkshire Terrier care a table spoon size snack is a good size to fill him or her up until the meal is served.

Do not overfeed or underfeed your dog as that will lead to different disorder and diseases apart; try as much as possible to stay on the diet and nutrition program that your vet prepared for your pet. Your vet will know the right diet to feed your Yorkshire Terrier.

Make Home Made Treats For Your Yorkshire Terrier Care

Many Yorkie owners love to make little home made treats for their dogs such as chicken liver sauté, which is very nutritious and healthy; other homemade treats can be created from the food cooked for us but that does not contain too much spice or sugar as that can interfere with their diet and nutrition.

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