Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming is a very important part of taking your Yorkshire Terrier care because a well-groomed dog is healthy and happy. Here you will find some tips and suggestion of how to keep your Yorkshire Terrier well groomed.

The Essential Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Kit

Yorkshire Terrier grooming needs to be done everyday and for that you need a special brush which will collect the hair as you groom him or her and not drop it on the floor or your clothes. Yorkshire Terrier’s has single coat, which means during the winter he or she will get cold and you will require providing a sweater or specially made coats from them from the pet store.

Your Yorkie’s fur will also become your pride as it grows quickly and it can be styled in many different forms to give your pet a different look everyday or for various shows where the fur is part of the competition. Washing your Yorkie regularly (once a week) with special dog products such as shampoo, conditioner and fur cream to keep its shine and luster. Do not use your own shampoo for your Yorkie as the ph level is not the same and it will irritate his or her skin in the process.

Your can bathe your pet dog anywhere from a tub to the bathroom sink always remembering to put the hair drainer as it will shed some hair during this process. As soon as you take him or her out of the bath you should dry it with a towel and then blow dry the fur with a dryer on medium or even low it is becomes too hot.

Professional Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

You may need to take your pet regularly for professional Yorkshire Terrier hair cut, nails and ears check ups as they should not have any hair in them as well. The nails should be kept short in order not to hurt himself or herself or anyone else as well. While trimming your Yorkie’s hair ensure that you make it extra short around the rectum as feces may get stuck to his or her hair otherwise.

You can create many hair styles for your dog pet or seek the advice of professionals who will be only too happy to show you the wonders that can be dome with your pet fur.

During the summer you should try and keep the fur as short as possible for even if they have a single coat long hair will make them uncomfortable warm

Special Nutrition And Diet For Long Haired Yorkshire Terriers

Because some of the owners may choose to grow the hair of the Yorkie for different purposes, they need to take into consideration adding extra vitamins to the diet; consult the vet for a proper diet and nutrition program that will keep the hair looking shiny and beautiful as well as the dog healthy.

Part of the Yorkshire Terrier’s grooming is also protecting him from tics and fleas that enjoy taking shelter in their luxurious hair; you can choose from the various methods to combat these pests such as an anti flea and tic collar or occasional cream and powder that is applied directly on the body.

The Yorkshire Terrier grooming is intense and constant even if he or she is small, good grooming will keep your dog and you healthy and happy therefore don’t neglect it. Ask your vet what you need to groom your Yorkshire Terrier.

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