My 2 Week Old Yorkie Puppy

Meet Ceasar. He’s my new 2 week old Yorkshire Terrier puppy. :D Watch him tumble around as he tries to find where his feet are.

This video was made in probably under 10 minutes. So it’s not intended to be anything special, other than the fact that it contains this little guy. =)

The clip from 00:25 – 00:41 is not muted so you can hear his cute little whining! I apologize for the camera sound in the background which sounds rather awkward.

And… I just thought this song went well with a baby puppy? xD

(Watch in high quality, it’s always better.)

Duration : 0:1:57

[youtube Kjv4GvQERbg]

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26 Responses to “My 2 Week Old Yorkie Puppy”

  1. hunterjumper70 says:

    I have one look on …
    I have one look on my profile

  2. HorseWhisperer8 says:

    haha that puppy has …
    haha that puppy has better cordination then i do. cute video! it is ADORABLE

  3. kaf3495 says:

    So adorable :]
    So adorable :]

  4. knhorsegirl says:

    I wanted a Yorkie …
    I wanted a Yorkie puppy SOOOO badly!! But all I got was a maltese. Nowhere NEAR as cute as a Yorkie!

  5. FinalThreshold says:

    That is to cute! X3
    That is to cute! X3

  6. ILoveMyHorseGinger says:

    aww he’s sooooo …
    aww he’s sooooo precious i love when they whine its soo cute…how many brothers and sisters does he have..or is he the only one?

  7. horseluvaxx3 says:

    omg he is sooo cute …
    omg he is sooo cute!!! in the clip at 1:25-1:39 is that his mom??

  8. ponytales2001 says:

    Cute Cute Cute !!!!
    Cute Cute Cute !!!!

  9. HorseLuva01 says:

    Cutest thing in the …
    Cutest thing in the world!

  10. riding4ever67 says:

    omg ur so lucky!! …
    omg ur so lucky!! cutest puppy ever :D

  11. horsesrmyhomies5 says:

    I’m so reatarted, …
    I’m so reatarted, lol I forgot while i was writing the comment what his name was lol!

  12. horsesrmyhomies5 says:

    Awh Aly!
    You are …

    Awh Aly!
    You are so lucky!
    So cute!
    Whats its name!?
    Wait, maybe it says it in the descrption *gos to check description one more time*

  13. ronchyranch says:

    That is the cutest …
    That is the cutest dog i have ever seen!
    Omg!! amazing !
    How small is it! That dog is adorable!

  14. sugarboogar11 says:

    omg hes looks like …
    omg hes looks like such a cuddle bug!!!!!!!! i have a puppy (bichon) and when we got her she was less than a pound and now shes 5 ponds but that little pupy face never gets old! :D

  15. BarrandaGangsters says:

    omg hes adorable!!! …
    omg hes adorable!!!!!

  16. mariecopain12 says:

    He’s sooo cuteee :)
    He’s sooo cuteee :)

  17. RGCUTIEE says:


  18. Nixzmary says:

    He’s soo cute with …
    He’s soo cute with his waddling and squealing! Too adorable!

  19. Physdelicdreaming says:

    This is such a …
    This is such a sweet video. Its the sweetest video I’ve seen on YouTube! :) How cute…especially when he was squeaking.

    5 stars! :D

  20. Painthorsey says:

    He so tiny! He …
    He so tiny! He can’t walk yet it’s cute when he wiggles from place to place

  21. tinytinytiny says:

    O my! So small and …
    O my! So small and very cute! good luck with your new puppy!

  22. Palominto says:

    Nope, as he becomes …
    Nope, as he becomes older he’ll grow long Yorkie hair and it will be more of a tan colour. All Yorkies are black as puppies, yes.

  23. Palominto says:

    Ceasar is never out …
    Ceasar is never out of sight of his mother. She occasionally leaves him by himself for short periods of time. When she does, she trusts me to pick Ceasar up and doesn’t panic when I do so. Which is only for 5 minutes (or less) at a time.

  24. myponyandme says:

    where is the mother …
    where is the mother?…isn’t he a bit too young to be out on his own?

  25. horsefeathers92 says:

    will he always be …
    will he always be black? I didnt know yorkie puppies were black. :) look at him spin in circles trying to walk. too CUTE!

  26. maxwell says:

    could i have him i always wanted one all my other dogs i had to give away cause i was moving =(

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