Yorkie Puppy Playing With Her Food

our yorkie puppy playing and eating her food. shes only a month old! she wouldnt eat, but everytime i slid her food across the floor she would eat it up. bad move, now shes all grown up she barely eats from her bowl

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[youtube _VhPojO_CeA]

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6 Responses to “Yorkie Puppy Playing With Her Food”

  1. pugswf says:

    Playing with her …
    Playing with her food….too funny!

  2. Dinfasssa says:

    yeah I know exactly …
    yeah I know exactly what you mean, it’s interesting how yorkies behave the same way.

  3. donniedoritos says:

    haha yea, its cute …
    haha yea, its cute but frustrating. we have to pour the food onto the ground and she will eat it. she just doesnt like eating from the bowl unless she is really hungry

  4. Dinfasssa says:

    omg my yorkie puppy …
    omg my yorkie puppy does the exact same thing! He won’t eat outta the bowl

  5. tanikamax says:


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