Yorkshire Terrier Rescue/Adoption

Many of us consider obtaining a pet from the rescue/adoption center where dogs are eagerly awaiting for a warm home and a loving family. The reasons behind wanting to get a Yorkshire Terrier from the rescue center are many but before you jump to act here are a few points to consider.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Yorkshire Terrier From An Adoption Center

The part that will make anyone want to get a dog from the rescue center is the fact that you are really saving a dog’s life and offering him or her a home as well as love. The greatest advantage is the price on each dog, which is considerable less for example a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue center will cost approximately couple of hundred dollars where as a puppy from a breeder can cost couple of thousands.

However, there are many disadvantages to count as well and you should look carefully into them before you decide to pick a Yorkshire Terrier from an adoption center. Usually the dogs are dropped at the rescue center because something is wrong with the medically for example: bad genes, mental problems, a terminating illness or disorders that will make it hard for you or anyone else live with the dog.

The reasons shown why the dog is at the center are not always true and you must demand a medical certificate from where you should be able to deduct the present state of health of the dog and the history of the parents if possible. Of course there are many healthy dogs too in the rescue/adoption homes but most of them are not what they are advertised to be.

The other big disadvantage is the fact that the dog has a past, which you don’t know how it was or what happened and may be still affecting his or her present subconsciously; older dogs are hard to housebreak or obedience train for many reasons such as, they are too old and don’t want to follow anymore commands, have some mental disorders and cannot remember commands well.

Yorkshire Terrier From The Rescue Center

Yorkshire Terriers are toy breed dogs, which classifies them in the small group; they are very fragile and prone to infections and other diseases as their adult body weight is about 7 pounds and height of approximately 10 inches. Before adopting, make sure you read up on the top ten Yorkshire Terrier rescue mistakes to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

A Yorkshire Terrier from the rescue center will most likely be affected as they are prone to a trauma called Hypoglycemia and it occurs due to place and environment changes, which can severely damage the health of the Yorkie.

What You Should Do After Getting A Yorkshire Terrier From The Rescue Center

The first stop you must make directly from the rescue center is at the veterinarian’s office where you must give your new pet a full check up and find out for yourself his or her actual state of health.

It is a very noble thing to get a dog from the rescue center and once you have taken the step you must do everything in your power to restore a normal life for you new pet and friend in a warm home with loads of love and understanding.

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