What Would a Minature Schnauzer X Yorkie Terrier Look Like?

Have you ever heard of one of those breeds? Me and my friend want to breed them but what would the outcome be?
Think it would look nice? What would bethe advantages and disadvantages of it?

Thanks, 10 points easy
Bdw, my mum wanted me to ask this question. She has bred lots of dogs before. So there

You, but prettier, ha ha ha…….



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  1. DAVE P says:

    A wierd small dog with a beard.
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  2. Dick Splash says:

    You, but prettier, ha ha ha…….
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    As above lol!

  3. Yorkshire Terrier says:

    Their Designer dog name is a Shorkie.



    You can never predict what a mutt will look like.

    Please stick with purebreeding and reserch how hard it is to rasie a litter.

    1,000$ worth of shots to each puppy. Food and stuff.. expensive.

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  4. Aleene says:

    Adorable. No never heard of that, it would upset dog experts however. lol
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  5. Naomi says:

    a wierd looking small dog with a bierd :)
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  6. •Poppy• says:

    A MUTT.

    Advantages: None.

    1. You put the mother as well as the pups in danger of disease, complications, and even death because you are kids and have NO clue what you are doing. Dog breeeding is not something to mess with.

    2. You breed mutts, and take homes away from mutts in shelters, dying for a home (literally). Your pups will ultimately end up there as well.

    3. I seriously doubt you have the THOUSANDS of dollars it would take to properly care for this breeding (health checks prior, vet checks/shots later). Not to mention all the food and supplies!

    4. What are you going to do if one of your puppies has a genetic health problem you didn’t test for? That’s not going to be pleasant.

    5. You never mention who the boy was and who the girl was. Beyond these two breeds having a MAJOR size difference, they are small breed dogs–not something to mess with at all.

    6. They are MUTTS. They have no standard–you’ll probably get the ugliest little dogs in the world, with the worst temperments.
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  7. puplovetft says:

    Why do you want to intentionally breed mutts? That’s what they would be. Breeding is not something to fool around with when you have no idea what you are doing. The world does not need another money hungry backyard breeder.
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  8. Apricot Lover says:

    It’s a mutt, not a breed. They’ll look anywhere between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkie. We can only guess what it would look like. The advantages and disadvantages of it are the same as owning pretty much any other dog, purebred or mutt.
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  9. D D says:

    Just don’t bother.
    Theres plenty cute cross breed non-pedigree dogs on death row down at your nearest animal shelter just waiting for your visit. It will make you cry, take plenty hankies and put your name down to have your home and background checks done.

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    Rescue dog owner

  10. Rat Tails ~Undeterred~ says:

    It would look like a mutt, mongrel, or like many other mixed breeds. No, it would not look nice. NO advantages at all, sorry. Disadvantages are many genetic defects if you don't know both dogs pedigrees, hip scores, eyes tested, etc. Professional breeders don't know exactly how their pups will turn out, even after spending thousands on tests, etc. They just get the best specimens of one breed, and make sure it's one of the healthiest so the outcome has a better chance.
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  11. Cadsuane says:

    Are you in the US?

    in that case the official shelters over there put down 5-10 millions dogs each year, thats not counting the private shelters, and means that in your state alone each year in average you kill between 100 and 200 thousand dogs a year, because you people over there are producing 7 puppies for every human baby born each year. Please do not add to the problem, one tird of the dogs in the shelters are purebreed, the rest is mongrels and designer mutts.

    There is no way to know how a mutt will look as it can look like anything between the two parents, asking how it will look is like asking how a child of you and a random guy would look, it may look most like either of you, or like neither depending on genetics for generations back in your lines.

    If anyone tell you about heterosis then dont listen to them, most people only heard the word vagely and have no understanding of its real meaning, heterosis/hybrid vigour can lead to healthier animals…but its more to it then taking 2 random animals and breed them and expect the offspring to be better, if you do not plan it and know what you are doing, the chanse is just as high for geting negative additive effects…because basicaly its a shot in the dark when you dont know what type of breeding material you have, if they are complementary, healthy and that their lines are healthy.

    so basicaly you hear heterosis east and west these days it seems in the states but the odd thing is that you seldom hear about complementary, additive effects, enviroment etc…why? like i said because the people dont know what they are talking about, so please dont buy it, the word is just used to defend bad breedings so it sounds like they are doing something smart and good…while like said once again they have no clue what they are talking about..

    these so called cross breedings are nothing but breeding more mutts and can not actually be called crossbreedings with the aim of producing hybrid vigour…such crossbreeding is done as carefully and selective as purebreeding, with just as much or more work and research behind it..which is why industrial buisnises who do medle in crossbreeding is not doing it on a private level but is tied up against higher level facilities that does the research and groundwork for them…and throughout my time of reading about it conected to dogs never ever has there been mentioned any such genetical facility being used…why? well simple it dont exsist

    if you are in europe and you do not have a problem with overpopulation of dogs, then i sugest you talk to your veterinary to check out the dogs health wise. also consider purebreeding instead, contact your breed club regardless of descision, because even if you wont be able to registrer mutts, they still probably can list a few sources of books or whatnot that you should read…there is a lot of work with a pregnant brood, and a lot of knowledge you need to gain first, from training to diet, from litter box to preparing for any odd scenario that can happen under the birth.

    So to sum it up, do your research, and if you are in the US then please reconsider this, become part of the solution instead of the problem, because someone have to give up breeding over there if you are not to keep killing millions of animals each year…and if in europe then check the situation in your country cause while the situation is heaps better in europe, some countries like UK is starting to gain a rising problem where if not carefull they will end up the same as US.

    actualy makes a huge difference also pending where in europe due to custom, regulations, rules and what the population size, because some countries in europe can actualy well stand the odd litter of mutts, as long as the owners use the common sence info and whatnot avaliable to them so they dont endanger the dogs. It really dont mather that US or some countries have a large overpopulation of dogs, its not viable to the countries who dont to import these dogs…and as long as they dont have overpopulations then the odd mix breedings aint a problem, because under the customs, rules and regulations in exsistance they can well handle it and the dogs will have as good a chanse of a good life as any purebreed dog would as long as the owners use the info avaliable. Also breeding customs and systems in general is quite different, as is avaliability of info and help, so you cant cut everyone over one comb. I grown up in europe and while i knew stuff was different in US, YA the first few days of my membership was a shock of how everything seemed totaly backwards to almost anything i learned or experienced growing up…so yeah it totaly makes a difference
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  12. MamaB says:

    A non-purebred! = a Mutt.

    Sorry, you have two perfectly acceptable breeds here so why bother.

    As for the advantages – none, unless you are looking to make a quick buck.
    Disadvantages – you will be bringing more mutts into the world, and running the very real risk of coming up with a puppy(s) who inherits the worst of both breeds.

    Please forget it.

    Edit – makes no difference whether you are in the US or Europe (where there is a huge overpopulation of this sort of dog). Just don't do it.
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  13. dogsbody says:

    go to an animal rescue or pound and give a dog a second chance instead of making more dogs
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  14. Hebert W says:

    Lilmiz Evans, I like the personality of a schnauzer. They are so sweet.
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  15. Jacky Hissem says:

    I have a mix, called a snorkie that I obtained on October 13, 2008 and I love her so very much. She is 17 months old and the most beautiful little dog ever. She is so loving and affectionate. She is exactly what I was looking for. My husband also loves her and plays with her alot. She loves to play, grows and is a little rough with him. But, then knows to calm down and be my sweet little girl. We also have two Jack Russels and she gets along fine with them. I will E-mail pictures if you provide me with e-mail address.

  16. Don says:

    I have one and she is absoulutely cute. she looks like a yorkie but salt and pepper color???

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