Yorkie Dogs Best Comedy Video

My Yorkie dogs are really faithful and loving. So a song for them.

Duration : 0:3:53

[youtube 0x1hwcCC79U]

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24 Responses to “Yorkie Dogs Best Comedy Video”

  1. casijaponesa says:

    Ja! ja! buenĂ­simo!
    Ja! ja! buenĂ­simo!

  2. natiex92 says:


  3. sand77777 says:

    Great video, very …
    Great video, very original, love that song.

  4. gergie2 says:

    They are too cute! …
    They are too cute! Researchers say that their intelligence is that of a 3.5 year old child. I can’t see the difference. They know what we mean when we speak English.

  5. NobodyIsaPunkwPower says:

    Great job!! Nice …
    Great job!! Nice dogs and wonderful video. Don’t we just love our Yorkies!! We have 5 Yorkaweenies!!! They’re cute and SMART!!

  6. alexthebullo says:

    A male Shirley …
    A male Shirley Bassey,hehe….very original indeed.Great video,nice Yorkie.

  7. gergie2 says:

    Everytime they …
    Everytime they greet me, they actually smile at me! So I’m always smiling back. They trained me that way.

  8. gergie2 says:

    They are too funny …
    They are too funny as well! I’ll be uploading new videos of them. One example, is when I try to sneak a look at them around a corner…they lose it.

  9. Wyominite69 says:

    LOL! Fun video! We …
    LOL! Fun video! We have 4 of these wonderful animals. They are the BEST dogs! We get so much love and joy from them.

  10. hikingtrailmaster says:

    It’s gotta be the …
    It’s gotta be the Yorkies!

  11. alexthebullo says:

    Everytime i watch …
    Everytime i watch your SHOW it makes me smile.Genius!

  12. sprintpg says:

    By the way. You …
    By the way. You are pretty cool yourself Mr.
    I think you have way cool humor with that ‘Diamonds to Yorkies’ song.
    Both of my Yorkies have been at Yorkie Day care for the long weekend. It’s been great having ‘free’ time but now I’m missing the little characters and ready for them to come home.
    Enjoy your Parrot Dog Mr.
    All the utmost best

  13. gergie2 says:

    I never knew how …
    I never knew how awesome until I got them. Ever since I was little I always wanted a parrot to hang out with, like in the old pirate movies. Finally I have what I like to call my parrot dog.

  14. sprintpg says:

    he he… very funny …
    he he… very funny Mr.
    I have two Yorkies… They are awesome!

  15. Suzanne42 says:

    Too funny! I miss …
    Too funny! I miss my Yorkies. They were the greatest canines on the planet!

  16. tylgirl222 says:


  17. littledear59 says:

    Yorkies are real …
    Yorkies are real jewels. I treasure mine.

  18. gergie2 says:

    Maybe she’s …
    Maybe she’s mesmerized because she somehow knows it’s a song made for her and that she hears the word Yorkies in a loving way.

  19. stackedtight says:

    thank you gergie!!! …
    thank you gergie!!! i only have one but she’s mesmerized when i play this video

  20. hikingtrailmaster says:

    You are most …
    You are most welcome and I agree with you.

  21. alexthebullo says:

    Just like diamonds, …
    Just like diamonds,a dog has nothing to hide from you.Furthermore,a dog is always a kid eventhough
    he’s old,that’s how we should be,playful and contented .Thank you,gergie2.

  22. gergie2 says:

    Thank you! All …
    Thank you! All people who love their Yorkies are wonderful. Their personalities are just like a young persons. I’ve often wondered how dogs became so sophisticated like us.

  23. alexthebullo says:

    You are a wonderful …
    You are a wonderful person and I know what you mean…
    Yorkies are forever….yeah,true.

  24. Dec1072 says:

    I have three …
    I have three yorkies too!!! Shaq, Kobe and Sassy!!! I wish they live forever!

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