Yorkshire Terrier Obedience Training

Yorkshire Terriers are very obedient dogs even though they are extremely energetic and very temperamental, barking and attacking any size dog. There are two main ways to Yorkshire Terrier obedience training and they are: training at home by yourself or another family member or professionally, to choose the right way to train your dog you must consider the following points.

The Age Of Your Yorkshire Terrier Will Help You Pick The Right Training

If Your Yorkie is less than a year old when you acquire him or her you can attempt to train your Yorkshire Terrier obedience training however, if he or she is over the age of one year you may want to hire some professional lessons if the dog is not trained already.

Obedience training must be taught as fun but at the same time let your dog know that you are not joking, in order words be firm with your commands but also ensure you reward your dog when he or she does get the command right and executes as required.

Yorkshire Terrier obedience training must be taught in a very systematic manner for example, everyday at the same time say in the afternoon or evening when you have time you must let your dog know that now official training will start and that you will require him or her to do as asked and there after rewards and treats will follow.

Don’t make the training lessons longer than an hour at a time as the dog especially if very young will get tired and not listen to any command however, if the session is short and fun your dog will actually start looking forward to the training sessions.

Always start by repeating what you did in the last lesson that way you will remind your dog you are now starting the training and always teach him or her something new in every lesson.

When To Seek Professional Yorkshire Terrier Obedience Training

If your dog is older than a year and does not have any previous training you may want to approach a professional trainer for just couple of classes until your dog understands the meaning of obedience training.

Sometimes it happens that the pet is too attached to the master and will not be able to learn anything due to this as the master will not be able to make the dog listen to any command and that is yet another time when you should approach professional Yorkshire Terrier obedience training for a few sessions where the Yorkie will learn to take training lessons.

Get To Known Your Dog

Before you start your Yorkshire Terrier obedience training, such as Yorkshire Terrier potty training, you must make all the efforts to learn about your dog, the characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier toy breed, the present medical condition and the medical history if you have one handy. It will help understand your dog better and thus, your lesson will be faster and easier.

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