Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Care

Taking good care of your Yorkshire Terrier pup will strongly reflect on his or her health state in the later stages therefore it is important you pay attention the details and ensure that you follow all the veterinarians instructions precisely as well as take a few moments and read the following information, which will help you greatly in this matter.

Things To Consider Before Bringing Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Home

There are a few basic preparations you must consider before bringing a pet home especially a Yorkshire Terrier pup and they are: a dedicated place where he or she will sleep at night, they are very small and delicate therefore it is not recommended they sleep with you as you may accidentally hurt him or her; litter box so you can start teaching him or her to use it as soon as possible; food as per the details given below and making everyone aware at home that you will be having a new pet who will need care and love.

The Diet

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is small by nature and therefore they don’t eat big meals but they definitely need regular diet in order to grow healthy and strong. Your Yorkshire Terrier puppy diet should at least two out of three meals of dog dry food made specially for pups because it contains essential vitamins and minerals that are required for a strong bone structure and muscles. Three meals a day are a must for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Make it a habit to read carefully the dog food labels in order to ensure that they are USDA approved and within the expiry date. Keeps the treats to a minimum, as that will interfere with their regular meals. Fresh food should also be a part of your puppy’s diet anything from fresh vegetables to fresh, boneless chicken meat.

Your Puppy’s Sleeping Schedule

It is important your puppy receives regular sleep and rest as well therefore ensure that he or she is provided with the time to practice it at which times you and the children, if you there are any in the house must respect him or her without any disturbance.

Many Yorkshire Terrier puppy owners will acquire a cage or a Vari Kennel 100, which you will find are best even for purposes such as traveling but also great when you want to provide the puppy with some time alone.

Other Things You Should Know

Teething is probably the first issue you will encounter as it occurs when your puppy will be around 5 months old and start chewing almost everything in sight and therefore you will need to ensure that shoes, slippers and things that can be damages are removed from his or her path; you may also want to purchase specially teething toy found at any pet store as well as the gels that will make his or her life better.

Yorkies retain some of their puppy teeth such as the canines and may also need to watch them at around the same time in order to ensure that they grow normally and that they are not overlapping or misaligned as that will not allow your dog to chew properly in the future which will lead to further problems such as indigestion and so on.

Vaccines will be the next step you need to ensure your puppy has and the only way to know when and what vaccine is required is to pay regular visits to the veterinary’s office and that is also the best way to ensure your dog health is in good condition at all times.

Preparing for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy should start before he or she arrives in order for you, everyone in the house and the dog to have a smooth encounter and adjustment period.

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