Types Of The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed dog, which originates from England; weighs typically around 7 pounds when adult with a height of about 8 to 10 inches. Yorkshire Terriers are mostly divided in two types the standard and the miniature or also known as Teacup Yorkshire Terrier however; the colors may sometimes vary from their usual steel blue and tan. Here are the choices you have.

Teacup Or Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

The Teacup or Miniature Yorkshire Terrier is even smaller only growing to be about 3 lbs when mature and measure about half the size of the standard Yorkshire Terrier. This dog can actually fit in a large tea cup and hence it the name.

The coat of the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier does feel the same as the standard Yorkie but does not grow as long; attitude however, is identical to its standard version of active and lively.

Different Colors Of The Yorkshire Terrier

We all are used to see the Yorkshire Terrier in steel blue and tan but you can also find them in golden brown and off white colors as well. They hold the same prestige in dog shows and offer the dog lovers choices as well.

There are other types of Terriers available in the toy breed such as the Australian Silky Terrier who has the same characteristics as the Yorkshire Terrier because it is a mixed breed but the color of his fur is golden tan and his fur texture silkier to the touch.

The other type of Terrier that originates from Yorkshire, Airedale is the Airedale Terrier but this dog is larger, approximately 50 to 70 lbs when mature.

Where To Shop For The Right Terrier For You

The best place to look for a Terrier is online in order to educate yourself on the breed origin, temperament and requirements before you decide, which dog type is right for you. Most those that choose the toy group dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier do so because they have limited space where to bring up a pet but still would like to have one.

Toy Yorkies are small but very lively and active, they require exercise even though you may not need to take them outdoors daily to do their needs; a litter box at home will be enough.

Online you will be able to find breeders as well, prices and even see the pictures of your to be pet. You can also look for a Yorkshire Terrier pet in the local newspapers where local breeders place their announcements. You may also want to consider a Yorkie mix. One of the more common ones is the Bichon Yorkie.

Before you purchase a Yorkshire Terrier make sure you know all the requirements it must have such as vaccinations, medical history and breed origin along with the parents of the dogs medical history as well. Yorkshire Terriers are very fragile and can suffer from many hereditary diseases, which can bring you a lot of grief and expenses should you not be aware of it as well as you may not be able to breed your dog when it reaches the age with a poor medical record.

Now that you have the choices of sizes and colors all you need to do is start looking for you new pet and friend.

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