Vaccination Schedule

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  1. redbutterfly78 says:

    vaccination schedule?
    what is the vaccinations schedule and deworming of puppies?

  2. Pam says:

    If you are referring to a litter of pups, they can be wormed at 2, 4,6 &8 wks. Vaccinations: 6-8-12 & 16 wks then 1 yr then annually for general vaccines, and depending on where you are either 1 year or 3 yrs for rabies
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  3. vehura says:

    It really depends on where you live as to how often and how many shots should be given to your dog.

    Here in Texas, you give them their shots in three week intervals. First time, you give them their combo shot (DHLPP or DHPP depending on your type of dog) and de-worm them. Three weeks later, you give them another combo shot and their bordatella (if you plan on taking your dog to a dog park or bording them). Three weeks after that, another combo shot AND their first rabies. Then finally, one more shot which will be a booster combo shot.

    After a year, you take your dog back for another combo shot and it's three-year rabies. You then continue to give them the combo shot yearly and then every three years, give them their three-year rabies booster.

    But, like I said, it depends on where you live. So, call your local vet and ask them what they require in your state because they do vary.
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    I work at a vet clinic.

  4. SnakeLady says:

    Rabies at 16 weeks… All other shots start at 6-8 weeks, with a total of 3-4 boosters, depending on what age you start VAX. your puppies. Heartworm treatment can start at 2 lbs.
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  5. dogperson says:

    Don't vaccinate puppies before 8 wks of age. They have immunity from Mom until at least this age and probably much longer, but 8 wks is considered the time to give the 1st shot. It should be a DHPP, the Lepto vaccine is not recommended for young puppies and not recommended at all unless there is a problem with the disease in your area.
    After the 1st shot, the next DHPP should be at 12 wks and then one at 16 wks. I like to wait another 4 wks before giving the rabies vaccine.
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